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mud software

Area Editor by Gammon Software Solutions

Area file editor for ROM and SMAUG area files. Easy-to-use GUI interface lets you view each room, mobile and object in a "tree view" on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on each item shows details about it, which can then be edited.

mud area editor smaug rom area file editor rom smaug gui interface ease-of-use

mp3 software

AB MP3 Encoder by AB Software

Fast application which will encode your WAV files into MP3 files. You can make a waiting list up to 100 different WAV files. It is small (exe file has just 28 Kb) and it has a really nice, friendly GUI.

mp3 encoder generator maker wav converter encode generate make music fast small application which encodes wav files mp3 files

remote surveillance software

Webcam Watchdog by Webcam Corp.

Webcam Watchdog is a powerful yet easy to use software to turn your PC into an ultimate remote surveillance machine. Webcam Watchdog provides you around-the-clock digital video recording with remote access capability.

remote surveillance webcam security home security digital video digital vcr provides around-the-clock surveillance home business

backup software

CSS Quick Backup by CSS Software

Backup utility with Windows Explorer integration. Backups are created and scheduled using the Job Wizard. A Restore Wizard is used to perform restorations. Includes File Sentry, which monitors your files and creates a backup every time they change.

backup file backup file utility file backup utility windows backup windows backup utility full windows explorer integration

anti-spam software

Spam Buster by Contact Plus Corporation

Delete junk e-mail from 12 pop accounts, can run in system tray, includes customizable list of rules and statistics. Top 10 spammers and spam domains. List of friends and custom rules to suit your personal situation.

anti-spam uce junk e-mail junk mail spam mail anti spam spam buster nospam spambuster delete junk e-mail 12 pop accounts runs system tray

email software

Mail Commander by InternetSoft Corporation

Mail Commander provides extensive filtering and processing capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests. Options are also provided for standard e-mail clients: support of attachments, plain text and graphic html messages, templates, etc.

email mail client software mailing list merge best way get handle mail

promote software

PopAdvertiser by Advertise Soft

(400,000 mesages/h) Shows your advertising message in the middle of your prospects screen, on top of any other running applications!

promote soft submit pop advertiser ip net send sumition search engine tool web advertise advertising 400 000 mesages


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