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automation software

FileSavvy by Fungusware

FileSavvy provide a graphical way to automate common file managment tasks. Automate repetitative tasks such as backing up, preparing files for development builds, packing files.

move copy delete gui file managment graphical automation

administration software

XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001 by Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd.,

XPlica is a simple utility to replicate workspace, folders from one SPS to another.

replicate automation xplica simple workspace windows 2000-xp-sharepoint 2000-xp-sharepoint tool admin utility-tool system tool-utility sharepoint administration utility

autoplot software

AutoPlot by US Automation Inc.

AutoPlot allows users to Plot off large drawing sets with just a few key strokes. AutoPlot Automatically builds an AutoCad script file that allows the user to print / plot off large drawing sets with just a few key strokes.

plot scripts large shareware auto sets off cad autoplot drawing plot users autocad autocad allows creating

testing software

Eventcorder by CMS

Eventcorder is a visual, easy-to-use, macro recorder and player. It makes use of the unique Clickview technology to ensure a reliable playback. It re-focuses the windows during the playback. It can play variable data. It supports XML format.

self-running presentations automation recorder mouse player testing macro macro recorder keyboard

macro software

Macro Express by Insight Software Solutions

With Macro Express you can create timesaving macros for specific applications and global macros that will work with any Windows program. Dozens of wizards are available to help you create the macros that will automate common computer tasks.

macro utlility macros windows schedule batch scheduling automation keyboard macro macro windows automation windows macros automate windows macro macro maker schedule keyboard utility utilities

automation software

watchDirectory by GdP Software

This program automatically starts a .bat or .cmd file when the directory contents that this program is monitoring changes (a file or directory is added, deleted or changed). A limited freeware version is also available.

directory automatically move directory change changes automatically copy command folder change automation automatically compile start content folder automatically delete directory contents

network monitor software

Advanced TCP Logger by KMiNT21 Software

This program is a simple proxy server(port-mapper). It is an ideal tool for monitoring any network software or for researching network protocols.

tcp wrapper network monitor proxy server packet sniffer ip sniffer data logger

database software

ODBC View by SLIK Software Ltd

ODBCView is a free SQL query tool to view and export data from any OBDC database. Data is displayed on a read-only grid and can be exported to a CSV or HTML report. Note, any valid SQL statements can be executed including SQL UPDATE and DELETE stmts.

export sql query view odbcview sql database export data view data free database tool obdc sql query tool odbc data

automate software

AutoIntern by Graphcial Dynamics, Inc.

Go beyond Windows limited built-in scheduler. Unique features: named calendars, schedule multiple times per day (up to 127!), "exception scheduling" (rules when NOT to run jobs), keystroke recorder and more!

comprehensive solutions running programs scripting language logical decision mdi interface easy windows

logfiles software

LogFileManager by DSC, Inc.

LogFileManager is a small executable which traverses your IIS logfile directory, reads IIS logfiles, calculates bandwidth per logfile and produces a grand total. An indispensable tool for IIS administrators and hosting companies.

hosting companies accumulate data transfer indispensable tool size web analog


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