Autopilot Software

scheduler software

Acrasoft AutoPilot by Acrasoft

AutoPilot is a program that helps you automate tasks. With AutoPilot you can run many tasks based on all kinds of triggers. You can run a task from a hotkey. You can run a task from a popup menu, a time based interval or many other types of triggers.

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performance software

AutoPilot by Sunbelt Software Distribution, Inc

AutoPilot® is a Breakthrough Automatic WinXP Performance Tuner! It was originally developed to tune multi processor supercomputers, but is now available for WinXP.

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cruisecontrol software

CruiseControl by Intellience

CruiseControl is a powerful tool to record and playback browser sessions with Internet Explorer. It can automatically log you in to the web sites that you use and can retrieve data from it on a scheduled basis (Account Aggregation).

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