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email software

PostOffice by Asele Service Center

PostOffice is an excelent massmailer and email manager, Auto add new emailaddreses, Auto remove emailaddresses, Auto delete bounced emailaddresses, Auto check for new messages, and more,

email mailinglist bulk spam subscribe outlook sendmail readmail postoffice excelent massmailer email manager auto add remove emailadd

cookies software

MozillaCookiesView by NirSoft Freeware

MozillaCookiesView is an alternative to the standard ''Cookie Manager'' provided by Netscape and Mozilla browsers.

cookies delete view mozilla netscape browser firefox

flowers software

Wildflowers by NexusMedia

Get out in the wild. Display 36 photos of beautiful and colorful wildflowers such as Blue Violets, Trilliums,Touch-Me-Not,Forget-Me-Not and more accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes.

flowers tulips roses nature animals wild nexusmedia nexus get wild display 36 photos beautiful colorful wildflowers

installer software

AGInstaller by Agentix Software

Creates Windows compatible setup programs from script file. Approaches the gold standarts in this industry and has the gentleman's set of features. The size of the extractor module is only 37k overhead over compressed data size. Free.

installer setup installation installsystem agentix install uninstall freeware creates installations script file 40k overhead freeware

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