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george washington software

Portraits of American Presidents by Pixel Paradox

Portaits of American Presidents screensaver includes all of the U.S. Presidents. Each screen presents a unique artistic collage of Presidential portraits. Each screen also presents the finest example available of the President's signature.

george washington john adams thomas jefferson james madison james monroe john quincy adams andrew jackson martin van buren william henry harrison john tyler james knox polk zachary taylor millard fillmore franklin pierce james buchanan abraham lincoln andrew johnson ulysses simpson grant rutherford birchard hayes james abram garfield chester alan arthur grover cleveland benjamin harrison grover cleveland william mckinley theodore roosevelt william howard taft woodrow wilson warren gamaliel harding calvin coolidge herbert clark hoover franklin delano roosevelt harry s. truman dwight david eisenhower john fitzgerald kennedy lyndon baines johnson richard milhous nixon gerald rudolph ford james earl carter ronald wilson reagan george herbert walker bush william jefferson clinton george walker bush

apache software

YellowTip Web Server by YellowTip Software

The YellowTip Web Server was developed to make available a highly professional and easily installable package of Apache, PHP4, MySQL4, phpMyAdmin and Zend Optimizer for the Windows platform (Win2K, WinXP).

apache database mysql php php4 zend encoder phpmyadmin http server web server installer all-in-one installer apache php mysql zend encoder phpmyadmin

sync software

Synchromagic Pro by Gelosoft Inc

Synchromagic performs foolproof synchronization of files and directories, either one-way or bi-directionally. Tasks can also be performed over a local area network, and to FTP sites. Scheduler, invisible operation and dial-up available.

sync synch synchronize synchronizer synchronization synchronization tool synchronix backup back up backup tool back up tool ftp network lan wan synchronization backup networks ftps local hd synchronize files folders

pipefun software

PipeFun 2 by Bee Games

What do you get when you crossbreed Tetris and PipeDream? A double doze of fun, challenge and action. PipeFun 2 is a new addictive game that no PC game aficionado should overlook. The rules are very simple. Available for free download now.

pipefun tetris pipe dream pipedream puzzle arcade free downloads blocks pipefun2

recover damaged presentation software

PowerPointRecovery by Recoveronix Ltd.

PowerPointRecovery software fixes corrupted Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. PowerPointRecovery 2.0 features Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 support. Recovers text, graphics, images. Available for all modern platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME.

recover damaged presentation recover .ppt file fix corrupted powerpoint presentation powerpointrecovery software fixes corrupted microsoft powerpoint documents

recover .mny file. money file recovery software

MoneyRecovery by Recoveronix Ltd.

MoneyRecovery is a data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Money files (.mny). No special skills are required to use MoneyRecovery. Simple user interface and full install/uninstall support make the program available to everyone.

recover .mny file. money file recovery fix damaged money file open corrupted .mny file moneyrecovery data recovery program corrupted microsoft money files

recover .zip archive software

ZipRecovery by Recoveronix Ltd.

ZipRecovery is a data recovery program for corrupted Zip archives (.zip). No special skills are required to use ZipRecovery. Simple user interface and full install/uninstall support make the program available to everyone.

recover .zip archive open corrupted .zip archive fix damaged .zip file. ziprecovery data recovery program corrupted zip archives zip

recover damaged mailbox software

OutlookExpressRecovery by Recoveronix Ltd.

OutlookExpressRecovery is a standalone utility that is used to recover the corrupted mail files from Microsoft Outlook Express versions 4, 5, 5.5 and 6.Available for all modern platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME. Recovers file attachents.

recover damaged mailbox recover outlook express mailbox fix damaged .mbx file fix damaged .dbx file outlookexpressrecovery recovers corrupted microsoft outlook folders mbx dbx

nasa software

Deep Space Video by DeepSpaceVideo.com

A unique and beautiful screensaver featuring live NASA video from Deep Space. Every time the screensaver runs it will locate an available NASA video feed, providing you with a wonderful moving view of nebulae, stars and the cosmos.

nasa deep space space nebula star supernova cosmos universe astronomy screensaver science beautiful screensaver featuring live nasa video deep space

screen software

Howard Stern by Drawing Hand by Drawing Hand Creations

Watch an artist's hand draw the "King of All Media" Howard Stern. This screen saver can also draw Cars, Fine Art, People, Animals, Holiday Art and more. New drawings available each month. You can even create your own drawings for the hand to draw.

screen saver art draw screensaver car christmas thanksgiving halloween july 4th watch artists hand draw king media howard stern


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