Backup Software


backup software

DejaVu by Light Development

DejaVu simplyfies set up and operation of recurring backups for directory snapshots (timestamped ZIP archives) or directory synchronizations. Ideal backup solution for MP3 or video collections as well as for project data or source codes. Java needed.

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mysql software

MySQL Snap by Art-Media

MySQL Snap is a rapid and robust software, intended for creation of backup copies of MySQL database or a collection of databases as well as for recovering or transferring the data to another SQL server (not necessarily a MySQL server).

mysql database mysql utilities necessarily mysql server sql statements exact copy sql server

center software

X-Copy Media Center by Wolverine Software House

Its the ideal tool to make backup copies of your music, data or game CDs, regardless if they are protected or not. Supports recording of AUDIO, CDROM (Mode1), CDROM-XA (Mode2), CD-I, Mixed-Mode, and Multisession discs.

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backup software

Advanced Backup by Creabit Development

This backup utility features backup of E-mail messages and address book, database of your messenger: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Windows registry, Windows shell settings, and anything you wish to protect from hardware failure or accidental erasures.

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excel find software

FindReplaceExcel by Filehunter Software

Search and replace multiple Excel workbooks + worksheets open or closed in batches automatically. Changes formula and text in cells. Backup Excel files before changes. Search ranges and find excel comments. View altered cells after changes.

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online backup software

PakVault by Pakam (Pty) Ltd

Automated Secure Online Backup Tool - Data is Encrypted and Remains Confidential. After your initial backup only binary changes are sent through to the backup platform thus improving backup times and reducing badwith usage enormously.

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backup software

LC Backup ! by Lucersoft

LC Backup is a program that can simply and effectively backup data, files and folders. Archives are compressed and saved in ZIP file format. For each task there is unique ZIP file, but one task can contain more files and folders.

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ms backup repair software

MS Backup Repair Software by Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd.

MS Backup Repair Software to repair corrupted or damaged MS Backup files. MS Backup Repair Software supports to repair damaged bkf files on Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows2003.

windowsxp folders salvage software that allows users algorithm operating system archive files

backup software

SmartDirCopy by Shareware Hangvogel

Copies only some (pre-selected) items (folders and/or files) to a backup destination. It synchronizes with last backup by copying only files that changed and by removing old files. Directory structure remains. Built-in timer support.

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recover software

Advanced Backup Password Recovery by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

A program for recovering lost or forgotten passwords to backup files (*.qic) created with Microsoft Backup (in Windows 95/98). All passwords are recovered instantly; multilingual passwords are supported.

microsoft backup windows 95 qic multilingual passwords forgotten passwords backup files


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