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1popcheck software

1PopCheck by Inc.

Retrieves emails from any standard POP3 server. Allows viewing, deleting and defining rules on emails along with many other administrative features. Emails from various accounts can be checked in a single window. Costs $9.99.

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eStream PanelBar.NET Pro by eStream

eStream PanelBar.NET allows developers to create powerful and attractive menus for their web sites or web applications in just a few lines of code. The product offers out of the box support for XP styled and Outlook styled navigations. menu components c# panelbar webmenu dhtml navigation estream panelbar net flexible component building side menu systems

anti-virus software

F-Secure Internet Security 2007 by F-Secure Corporation

F-Secure Internet Security 2007 provides a complete and easy-to-use protection against viruses, hackers, spam, spyware, root-kits and unwanted Internet content. New! Windows Vista support!

anti-virus hips f-secure deepguard parental control anti-spam internet rootkit zero-day f-secure computer virus virus protection detection attack protecting protection

virtual software

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP by ELTIMA Software GmbH

Using Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP you can create any number of virtual serial COM ports in your system which will be virtually connected to each other via virtual null-modem cable.

virtual serial ports driver xp com port virtual port serial port virtual serial port two virtual serial ports linked each other via virtual null-modem cable

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