Battleship Software

naval software

Lost Admiral Returns by Fogstone Games

Quick playing strategy naval game enriched with multi-objective special missions using chess-like mix of battleship, destroyer, submarine and more in turn-based action. Build customized flagships and conquer innumerable randomly generated maps.

naval submarine strategy destroyer wwii turn based ww2 world war 2 chess navy quick playing strategy naval enriched multi-objective special missions

aquabattle software

AquaBattle by HPRSoft

AquaBattle is a logic game based on the legendary game BattleShips. New game elements such as bombs, hint cells, etc. have made AquaBattle much more fun than its classic counterpart.

aquabattle battleships sea battle seawar seabattle puzzle logic hprsoft 2d-game logic based legendary battleships

fathom it software

Fathom It! by Mountain Vista Software

FATHOM IT! v1.2 - MS Windows version of GAMES Magazine's column "Battleships". Unlike the pencil-and-paper game of battleship, Fathom It! boards are solved using logical deduction only. Windows 3.x and higher.

fathom it battleships logical deduction solitaire puzzle puzzles logic variants games magazine vision disability disabilities impairment impairments solitaire logical version classic pencil-and-paper battleships

back software

Back To Earth by Alawar Entertainment

You are a pilot of space interceptor bound back to Earth in order to give the captured alien spacecraft into the hands of scientists. The aliens are trying to stop you from doing this by sending a huge armada of their battleships.

back earth backtoearth shooter space arcade games arcade alawar entertainment destroy aliens save planet earth

braun software

BattleStar 2000 by Gregory Braun

BattleStar is a small single-player game similar to the classic BattleShip. The BattleStar game board is a 9x9x9 grid representing a 3-D galaxy. The galaxy contains 927 sectors, 60 of which contain enemy warships.

braun zilog battlestar bstar bstar32 destroy invading aliens before they overrun galaxy

vertical software

AstroRaid by GameRange Studio

AstroRaid is a delicious 80s style vertical scrolling space shooter with cool enemies, weapons, and bonuses, each game gourmet is sure to enjoy. You will have to face alien battleships and need a considerable luck to survive. Download now!

vertical scrolling space shooter astroraid astro raid invaders galaxian galaga raptor tough vertical scrolling space shooter cool enemies weapons bonuses

strategy software

1939:BattleFleet by Strategy Lights Series

Naval turn-based WW2 strategy game, extension to the classic Battleships game where ships/planes/subs can move. Contains over 60 missions & campaigns and 40 ship, submarine, airplane & port artillery types, with combat maps up to 96X96 large.

strategy turn-based naval ww2 shareware battlefleet submarine cruiser bomber fighter usn royal navy kriegsmarine naval turn-based ww2 strategy extension classic

logic software

Hexip by Yoogi Logic Games

Classic battleship puzzles in hexagonal grid. Find the hidden fleet in the hexagonal grid using simple logic. You could start as a cadet playing easy puzzles and reach the rank of captain solving challenging ones.

logic logical hexagonal puzzle educational education paper pencil hex hexagonal puzzles uncover enemy fleet hiding deep sea

battleship software

SeaWar: The Battleship 2 by TerraGame

SeaWar: The Battleship is the hottest 3D implementation of classic battleship game with impressive effects. It features four battle arenas with different ship sets, networked play, embedded chat and unforgettable gameplay.

3d demo strategy seawar 2 four 3d worlds network mode head head play

seawar software

SeaWar by 2VG Group

Battleship clone game. You can play against both a computer and a human over a local network or the Internet. The game has nice interface with skins support. Various types of game and 7 levels of complexity give you extraordinary game experience

seawar sea war strategy games erotic real war 2vg group skins pictures shareware clone various types 7 levels complexity


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