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Beam Screensaver by Bravo Interactive

Dive into fantastic world of furious space battles. You will be amazed how absorbing and relaxing this OpenGL-accelerated screensaver is. Discover yourself in the middle of space action among asteroid belts and eye-catching backgrounds.

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i-ching software

MB Free I Ching Software by

MB Free I Ching Software is an advanced yet simple program that makes the user familiar to the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching. This software simplifies readings for people based on the wisdom of the I Ching text.

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flag software

World Flags by Kozyr Denis

World Flags is finest animated flag screensaver based on real physics modeling. Screensaver comes with a database of 100 flags, but you can add flags of provinces and territories, corporate logos, sport teams or even your own photograph.

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free mysql gui software

DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition by Mentat Technologies

DreamCoder for MySQL Free Edition is a free graphical tool for database development and administration.

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