Bejewelled Software

bejewelled software

Bolts&Nuts (Pocket Edition) by BallShooter Games

Bolts&Nuts is a new look to Bejewelled game with new features. The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can by swapping two adjacent bolts or nuts. In order to get points you should create horizontal or vertical sets of 3 identical items.

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qnote software

JewelDrops Deluxe by Quarter Note Software

JewelDrops Deluxe is a super enhanced and stylish tetris-style arcade game. During play, you manipulate triplets of jewels to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal runs as they drop down the gamefield. Addictive gameplay will keep you up all night!

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be software

BePuzzled by Binary People

Be-Puzzled is the perfect puzzler for the spare moments in your life; with its clean-cut graphics and addictive gameplay it will keep you coming back for more. Its various different modes and levels of difficulty will mean you?ll never tire of this!

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jewel software

Jewel Zone by Yoogi Logic Games

Highly Relaxing game.Swap jewels and align them in a line. When 3 or more jewels are aligned in a line, the jewels are cleared and you score points.Two game modes,Endless levels with hundreds of backdrops, exquisite jewel graphics and pleasing music

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match software

FaceIt by Mystery Studio

FaceIt takes the popular color matching genre to the next level. Instead of colored cubes, you have over 300 million fun and different faces to match! Make groups of faces which share a feature (hair color, for example).

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