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wifi software

2hotspot WiFi Hotspot Software by

A powerful software that enables you to create wireless hotspots using your wireless router or wifi card. With this free software you can Run your own free or commercial wireless hotspot network.

wifi hotspot.wireless hot spot wi-fi lan ics sharing isp internet

skype software

SoliCall by SoliCall

SoliCall has developed a software that reduces background noises from both ends of a call. In addition, SoliCall can record any call. The Inquirer: "...especially as it''s a free, quick download and performs well it''s a no-brainer"

skype noise reduction software recorder sound audio screening quality voip call add-on free utility telephony yahoo messenger with voice

fast software

PPL by ArianeSoft Inc.

PPL is a fast and easy-to-learn programming language that is fully object-oriented. PPL runs on all PocketPCs using Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003SE, and WM2005. PPL is also compatible with PC desktop computers.

fast interpreter compiler programming language assembler mobile pocketpc wince windows game basic c pascal physic write

board software

Linéo by Natsimhan

Linéo is a brand new free board game with simple, fun and easily learnable rules. The goal is to align 4 pawns having 1 common characteristic: color, shape, hollowness or size. The thing that makes it harder is that it's your opponent who choses !

board quarto reflexion game windows linux free gpl lineo new free board game simple fun easily learnable rules

psychrometric software

CYTSoft Psychrometric Chart by CYTSoft

A must have for HVAC engineers! This is an interactive and intelligent psychrometric chart program for HVAC industry. This software helps engineers solve problems involving moist air as quickly and as precisely as possible.

psychrometric chart hvac psychrometrics thermodynamics heating ventilation air conditioning refrigeration moist humidity calculate cytsoft

search engine optimization software

Advanced Keywords Keys Explorer by Advanced Keywords

Software to assist in finding the best search engine terms to describe your business online: the most popular and the last competitive keywords, using the most specific keys, using all similar terms, analysing the resulting text keywords density.

search engine optimization search engine ranking search engine placement search engine positioning seo optimization keyword ranking search engine keyword

web cam software

Video Cam Server by Raybase

Video Cam Server (VCS) is a server for publishing the image taken from a Video Camera (especially Web Cam) connected to it. It will be very useful for remote monitoring your home, office or other environment.

web cam video publishing server

freeware software

MessageBoxGo by ComponentGo

MessageBox control for .NET. This freeware control allows for convenient fitting your applications with message boxes.

freeware message box source .net c# vb j#

everest software

Everest Dictionary with databases by Free-Soft

Free multilanguage dictionary with 37 dictionaries and over 3.000.000 words. This program does not include dictionary databases. If you want to download databases, go to You can also download the entire dictionary (80MB)

everest dictionary free english german italian spanish french romanian

download leecher software

Download Leecher by Paehl

Download leecher is a download manager for hidden downloads. e.g. Your full version or beta version. Sample: Your is on your site

download leecher download manager twofish ciper crypt


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