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niv software

Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts by

Put all of your Bible study material into one convenient location. Search quickly on those resources related to a topic you are studying. Import sermons, talks, online research, essays etc. 1 click search of your entire library, or just parts of it.

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bible software

The Workman''s Study Bible by Due Diligence Software

Simple, Intuitive Bible Study Software with Online Bible module compatibility, a free powerful interface with a single unified command line for quick, powerfull searches. Included with installer: KJV 1769, JFB Commentary, XRefs, Strong''s Lexicons.

bible software online powerful compact

word frequency counter software

RankWords by MechanicWords

Scan a whole text and ranks all used words according to frequency. Word frequency counter.Discover what words you over use. Study political discuss. Bible study aid. Indispensable tool to the web designer. Useful tool for students.

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church administration software

Easy Church Membership by RCL Software

Easy Church Membership is to maintain a database of church members, all tithes and giving, ministry membership, administrative committees, small group Bible study groups, and spiritual gifts. Plus a prayer list, church calendar, and staff calendar.

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alkitab software

Alkitab Bible Study by Kiyut

Alkitab is an open source and free desktop bible study software. Alkitab support parallel view, commentaries, lexicons/dictionaries/glossaries, and daily devotions. It also come with powerful search capability.

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christian publishing software

Forge for SwordSearcher by SwordSearcher Bible Software

Forge is a free external module build tool for SwordSearcher Bible Software. It is designed for users and publishers who need to be able to import a large amount of text into a SwordSearcher module without using SwordSearcher''s internal user editor.

christian publishing bible study bible software swordsearcher module e-book christian e-book swordsearcher

niv software

BiblePro by

Includes 1 million verse links, 150,000 commentaries, 31 Bibles, 100 Maps and an easy to use interface with free updates for life.

niv bible greek hebrew lexicon concordance dictionary matthew mark luke john church jesus christian god word windows

bible software

Premium Bible Study by

Study over 30 Bible translations in English, Asian and European languages with over 800000 references, links, dictionaries and commentaries from all the major scholars. The system will read the Bible to you, remember searches suggest areas 2 search

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bible software

SwordSearcher Bible Software by SwordSearcher Bible Software

Bible study application, featuring numerous resources and unique features; more than a Bible concordance. Iincludes several commentaries, dictionaries, maps, illustrations, and topical guides. Powerful searching and many useful time-saving tools.

bible christian kjv study religion bible software concordance bible study concordance software featuring numerous resources features


Home Group Overhead by InspiredCode

Sing along with God! Overhead Slide Projection Program Displays Lyrics really huge on the screen in real time as Worship Music is Sung. You don't need a projector and you don't need any expensive office software to lead the words of worship.

software church religious religion hymns carols worship home group audio multimedia overhead presentations slides christian power point powerpoint lyrics hymnal sing along singalong


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