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laboratory software

BioPort by Manfred Maier, EDV Dienstleistungen

BioPort - The info portal for the biomedical lab Here you will find useful links about the theme "The biomedical lab". The browser portal offers additionally some further useful functions not provided by your default browser.

laboratory genetics biochemistry biology biolinks information portal browser bioport biology links

open software

DocCommander by UtilityPlanet, Inc

DocCommander replaces standard Open/Save dialog boxes of Windows. DocCommander provides access to your favorite folders and recently accessed documents. Other features: file search, file preview, and fully customizable user interface.

open openfiles opendocuments savefiles filebrowsing documentmanagement filemanagement windowsenchancement filefind windowspreview preview windowscommander windowsupdates favorites explorer explorers documentcontrol

download stock quotes software

Quotes4u by DITEC International

Quotes4u is a comprehensive downloader for historical stock quotes. Quotes4u directly passes the data into your TA-software like Metastock, Advanced Get, Tradestation, Fibonaci Trader etc.

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offline browser software

LiveCHM by DeSofto

LiveCHM makes your favourite web pages accessible offline from any system or handheld device. Its universal file format relieves the user of the need for browsers. The content of a whole site can be easily packed in just one file with its own control

offline browser download site chm bookmark

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