Blocker Software

filtering software

Website Blocker by SCES Software

Website Blocker has the ability to block or allow access to selected websites preventing the user from accessing unauthorized websites and wasting company time doing things they shouldn''t be doing.

filtering internet blocker application blocker website blocker site blocker

marketing software

Spy-Kill Deluxe Edition by

Spy-Kill is an advanced adware, spyware, malware, virus, memory and registry scanner for all 32-bit versions of Windows and Windows NT. Also included is a popup blocker for Internet Explorer and active monitoring support, offering live protection!

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trojan software

Anti-Trojan Shield by ATShield Ltd.

Anti-Trojan Shield is an advanced, highly effective blocker of Trojans, worms, viruses, and other malicious tools. It efficiently scans, detects, and removes malicious files, while maintaining an exceptional level of personal privacy and security.

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filtering software

Application Blocker by SCES Software

Application Blocker has the ability to block access to selected application and websited preventing the user from running unauthorized software and wasting time doing things they shouldn''t be doing.

filtering internet blocker application blocker

messenger popups software

Messenger Popup Blocker Free Edition by Small Business Services

Messenger Pop-up Blocker is a free program that blocks ''messenger pop-ups'' from appearing on your desktop.

messenger popups messenger pop-ups block messenger stop messenger messenger blocker messenger stopper

did they read it software

Email Tracking Blocker by Wizard Industries

Email-Tracking Blocker prevents your computer from responding to the 'bugs' planted in the emails from services that track your usage.

did they read it message tag email snoop protection email html bugs

cleanup software

Omniquad Total Security 2005 by Omniquad Ltd

Omniquad Total Security 2005 includes everything you need to protect your small office or home computer in one modular package featuring MyPrivacy, AntiSpy, Personal Firewall, Anonymous Surfing,Spam Blocker & Antivirus

cleanup deletion security sensitive data wipe internet privacy web eraser history eraser net eraser urls firewall anonymous antispy autofill surfing index.dat

privacy software

Pop up Blocker Pro by Pop up Blocker by Synergeticsoft

Pop up Blocker Pro is an aggressive pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker has 4 types of pop-ups blocking: 100% pop-ups blocking, Pop-ups Block list, Pop-ups Block list with keywords, Limit windows opened.

privacy software pop up blocker pop-up blocker popup blocker popup defender pop up killer popup stopper pop-up stoper popup block stop popup pop up block erase history internet eraser evidence eliminator.

amplusnet software

IP Messenger Spam Blocker by Amplusnet

Simple one-click to complete protection against Messenger pop-up ads! IP Messenger Spam Blocker prevents IP messages from appearing on your machine. One click and your system is automatically protected.

amplusnet ip messenger spam blocker ip messaging pop-up window advertising pop-up window spam net send spam ip message spam stopper

games software

Blocker Plains for PocketPC by jk-ware

Blocker Plains is a Breakout game with an unlimited ball-number, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker. Four game-accompanied sound-topics and changing backgrounds gives Blocker Plains a long prolonged motivation.

games sound grafic arcade break-out windows ce pocketpc download powerxgames directx development software


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