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dvd backup creator software

DVD Backup Creator by SoundInDepth

DVD Backup Creator is an easy to use tool to make a copy (backup) of any type of CD/DVD disc, so your important CD/DVD discs will be safe. You can backup to your hard drive or another disc.

dvd backup creator copy cd/dvd disc hard drive grabs spti aspi tracks iso file cds dvds hd dvds blu-ray disks burns image file.

parental control software

ScreenLock Pro by iJEN

ScreenLock provides easy and secure access to your private data while denying other's attempts to access your computer.

parental control access control password organizer internet security parental control security utilities file encryption file encryption utilities screenlock ijen security software privacy software prevent unauthorized access computer instant locking

destruction software

Destruction II by Nocturnal Development

A 2player retro-action game which gives you a taste of the great gameplay of a lost era. Fight against a friend and CPU enemies in a mazelike world filled with valuable items. Earn money and buy weapons, armor & power-ups to grow more powerful!

destruction ii 2 action arcade retro amiga twoplayer player droid tank weapons armor explosives gameplay shareware

pki software

EldoS PKI Tools by EldoS Corporation

EldoS PKI Tools is a set of programs designed for encryption and signing of files using X.509 certificates and for management of these certificates. You can easily sign, encrypt, decrypt files or verify signatures just in a couple of clicks.

pki x-509 certificate digital id file encrypt sign decrypt compress pack verify signature manage provide information security integrity using digital certificates

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