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video editor software

AviTricks Classic by Bobyte Software

AviTricks is a non-linear AVI video editor with real-time preview. The sub-project approach allows combined effects, while rubber-band adjustment gives a smooth blending of video and audio for a professional result in .AVI or Windows Media Format.

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boss software

WinBoss by Bobyte Software

WinBoss is a system tray application that hide (all) running programs with one keyboard hit. Useful when Boss is coming, or to hide less important application from cluttering the desktop.

boss taskbar systray panic hide taskbar hide program

box maker software

BoxMaker by Bobyte Software

BoxMaker creates 3D box or photos with sides images.

box maker 3d image editor

screen capture software

AviScreen Classic by Bobyte Software

AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images.

screen capture avi divx multimedia gif jpg jpeg bmp movie video wmv avitricks

splitter software

AviSplit Classic by Bobyte Software

AviSplit is an application for cutting and rejoining AVI/DivX files. Whether splitting, rejoining or clipping, AviSplit is very fast as no data processing is involved (lossless). Generally, using Avisplit is about as fast as copying the file itself!

splitter joiner avi avi splitter divx multimedia avi editor movie video mpeg mp3 wmv avitricks avisplit application cutting rejoining avi divx files

3d image software

PhotoShape by Bobyte Software

PhotoShape gives three dimension effect to your photos. Rotate your photos in any dimension and gives a professional look to your pictures

3d image rotate image 3d rotation

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