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adjust game speed software

Game Speed Adjuster by PC2DOWNLOAD.COM

Game Speed Adjuster is a powerful tool to adjust the speed of Windows games and applications. It can speed up or down programs. Players can run faster, slower, get more powerful gun fire, or more reaction time.

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pad software

Advanced Security Tool - AST by PatilanSoft

Advanced Security Tool-AST is an awards winning security system for Windows. It includes: password generator, encrypted pad, password manager and a special "trojan preventing" mechanism.

pad anti keylogger password generator logins encrypted note-book secret manager cipher note encrypted pad password generator password manager anti keylogger

data destroyer software

Data Destroyer by Hermetic Systems

A program for secure file deletion which destroys (by overwriting) data in multiple files and multiple folders on floppy, ZIP or hard disk so that the data cannot be recovered. Single-file or batch-mode operation. User-specifiable purge type.

data destroyer purge file purge secure deletion secure file deletion sanitize sanitization dod defense 5220-22-m hard disk file deletion software file deletion program kagi paypal purges overwrites files they cannot be recovered

encryption software

Wincph encryption software by wincph encryption software

file and folder encryption software.It protect the privacy of your sensitive files and e-mail messages by encrypting them with the highest level of security.Includes hides them within a graphic file. It is integrated into Windows Context Menu.

encryption encryption software file encryption folder encryption 256 bit encryption file protection wipe file system lock window lock

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