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RePaintIt! by

RePaintIt! provides the whole new way to play a Hidden Picture type of puzzle games. The aim of the game is to identify correctly a pattern hidden within the playing field image, which contains a number of black contours filled with different colors.

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site promotion software

Site Sponsor by WebGenie Software Pty Ltd

Site Sponsor can manage programs that pay affiliates for click-through or for sale. The CGI tracks via cookies the click through and sales. Identifies the affiliate to give commission. Works on its own or in conjunction with online order CGI.

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sticky photo software

Sticky Photo 2004 by Times Software Studio

Sticky Photo 2004 helps you to create the funniest photo stickers by simply capturing your emotions from the PC camera in real time.

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defragmentation software

Diskeeper Professional Edition by Executive Software

It's not your imagination-computer systems really do slow down over time, and disk fragmentation is the cause. Disk fragmentation builds rapidly, causing system slowdowns, slow boot times, crashes, freeze ups, and even total system failures.

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lines game software

Magic Lines by Agentix Software

An engaging and cute variation of the beloved Lines game with nice 3D effects! 3 balls per turn are placed on the playing board randomly. You need to line them up by color, and if you get 5 they explode, making more room and giving points.

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