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browser software

DigiMode Browser by DigiMode

DigiMode Browser is full IE browser shell with Audio capability and multi home page setup utility that allows user to setup up to 26 starting pages.

browser brawser brower browze spykill parasitekill parasiteoff browser player internet browser audio support multi starting page setup capability

internet explorer toolbar software

febooti ieZoom toolbar by febooti software

IE toolbar - zoom Internet Explorer pages, zoom web sites. Pick colors using html color names (x11, NS, web safe colors), access web color charts for web safe html color codes and html color names. Resize browser window using presets. Use skins.

internet explorer toolbar ie toolbar zoom internet zoom web zoom website zoom web site zoom web page zoom browser color chart color names x11 color safe color html color chart web master tool webmaster tool resize window resize browser ie size window ie skin custom skin ie toolbar skin color picker hex color picker rgb color picker pick color

headlines software

Headlines MDI by

Headlines MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. It uses a list box to display file and web pages. It supports (hyper-)linking, thumbnails, and input controls. There is a workspace, workspace explorer, and navigation history.

headlines mdi internet web browser grml csv delimited list box file markup language general reuse workspace headlines mdi grml csv text delimited browser files web

searchtool software

GGSearch: The search tool with Google? power! by P.J.Kraaima

This software application is the handy tool for people who are spending lots of time searching in google?. Best of all: GGSearch works with any browser!

searchtool search tool kraaima ggzoek ggsearch search tool google website faster quicker results

internet software

IESpeaker by NeuroSpeech Technologies

After you install IESpeaker, it will add extra menu with title "Speak" in your Internet Explorer and A Speaker Button on the toolbar as well as you see on the above picture. All you need to do is just open the browser and click on Speak.

internet explorer reader iespeaker free internet explorer speaker speaks websites

tree software

Tree MDI by

Tree MDI is a GRML, CSV and text delimited file and web browser. It reads, displays, edits, and saves in each format. A tree control is used to display columns and results. Result items create the parent and child items. Columns are not displayed.

tree mdi web browser csv grml delimited files pages general reuse markup language grmlbrowser-com workspace tree mdi grml csv character-delimited file web browser

web reports software

Extreme Web Reports by Extreme Ease Software Incorporated

Extreme Web Reports is the most powerful web based reporting tool available for dynamically generating MS Access based reports via a standard web browser.

web reports web reporting ms access reports ms access access report reports reporting tool reporting software easily run view ms access reports web via standard browser

images collector software

Professional Web Images Collector by Tools Soft Solutions

Web Image Collector is designed to give you an easy way to collect and manage internet images while you are browsing web sites, while browse with WIC browser all images will be stored in your images database.

images collector photo galary photo album web image image viewer save images while browsing easy way

live chat software

AliveChat BETA by WebsiteAlive

AliveChat allows you to connect with your web site visitors in real-time via a browser based chat interface. Your company representatives can now support customers while increasing operator productivity and reducing telephone and call center costs.

live chat live chat support live support live help customer service software crm chat room chat technical support free live chat software free live support chat software live chat software live customer service chat liveperson humanclick boldchat alivechat allows connect web site visitors via internet chat

fibonacci software Browser by

The free browser will help you locate low risk entry points in stocks, commodities and currency trading by finding hidden support and resistance points on charts with Fibonacci spirals. Our website contains free education material.

fibonacci trader trading elliot wave spirals charts free software retracements fans little known fibonacci tool find reversals stocks commodities


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