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FireFox - FF browser


Tabbed browsing, spell checking, session restore, RSS web feeds, search suggestions, live bookmarks, excellent popup blocker these are just a few features that Firefox offers. Second only to Microsofts Internet Explorer in popularity as of June 2008. Now every one out of three internet visitors is browsing the web with this browser.

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Opera browser


One of the oldest and well known internet browsers. Features high rendering speed, tabbed interface, integrate email client, rss support, synchronization features allowing you to sync browser settings between two computers: Speed Dial, Bookmarks, Custom Searches, History and Notes

browsers rss email bookmark rss reader internet history

Google browser software

Google Chrome by Google Corporation

A new browser from Google. Google Chrome is gaining popularity in the browsers world. It features dynamic tabs, "incognito" mode browsing, combined search and address bar, application shortcuts right in the browser. Most visited pages are presented as thumbshots. Based on an open source (chromius) project Google Crome can be a real competition to the well positioned Internet It features dynamic tabs, "incognito" mode browsing, combined search and address bar, application shortcuts right in the browser. Most visited pages are presented as thumbshots. Based on an open source (chromius) project Google Crome can be a real competitor to the well positioned Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is all about browsing. A long awaited feature for this browser is a pluin support. Since December 2008 it is no longer in Beta development.

google browsers firefox internet explorer opera mozilla

urlcool software

urlcool by

Urlcool v6.0 is a very useful bookmark tool. Fill form function, images drag download, encryption function, embeded IE browser, IE toolbar. Note, validation, search capabilities. It can export backup in text, HTML, xml and database files formats.

urlcool url manager bookmark manager links manager website manager fill form auto form fill automatically fill form urlcool v6 powerful tool fill form download images

download software

LeafPicker by Softake

LeafPicker allows you to capture and save Web pages, html snippet, image and flash files while surfing. LeafPicker is available with IE and IE-cored browsers. (e.g.: Maxthon browser)

download save image flash snippet html picture digest internet page saver maxthon leafpicker internet while surfing

remote desktop software

iRemotePC by iRemotePC

iRemotePC offers you secure access and full view of your home/office PC via any web-browser from a distance. With iRemotePC, you can invite guests to your PC and transfer files between PCs. Built to work securely behind Firewalls and NAT.

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jpg software

GrabJPG by Zultrax Software

All you need for finding and downloading images on the web within one easy solution. You don't need your web browser anymore but let GrabJPG do all the searching, clicking and browsing for you. You say what you want, GrabJPG gets it.

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google sitemap generator software

SiteScan XP - Link Checker & SiteMapper by ByteShift

All-in-one Website Spider, Broken Link Checker, Response Timer, Google SiteMap Generator, Browser & Editor. Scan entire websites for broken links, server errors and page response times. Highlight broken links in browser or source then edit and save.

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download software

Zilla FTP and Download Manager by

Perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet. Ftp Client & Download Manager all in one. Features: Browser integration, Clipboard monitoring, Upload/Download resume , Firewall/Proxy support, one click directory transfers.

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flash software

Movies Extractor Scout by ByteScout

Handy utility that allow you to view flash (SWF, FLV,EXE, Shockwave Director), video and games extracted from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. Can save and store favorite flash movies, extract images from movies, convert to EXE.

flash swf movies games videos extract web explorer opera online bmp web

debugging software

VbsEdit by Adersoft

VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing .VBS scripts. Features include Syntax coloring, Case correction, Auto-completion, Built-in debugger, Code snippets, Tons of Samples scripts, Object browser, WMI code generator

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myphotoalbumedit software

My Photo Album Edit by Shiyi Software Workroom

A fast, stable, user-friendly image browser,converter and album editor.It has a nice array of features.It supports dozens of image formats; it does support whole HTML,DOC,XLS,PPT,VSD,PDF and DWG file to image file conversion.

myphotoalbumedit photo album e-album doc2jpg xls2jpg dwg2jpg pdf2jpg vsd2jpg ppt2jpg fast stable user-friendly converter editor


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