Bubbleclock Software

timezone map software

BubbleClock by Vedos

BubbleClock are analog clocks and reminder with semitransparent effect (only Windows 2000/XP). Various kinds of clock skins. Synchronization your computer clock.

timezone map time zone map map zone reminder clock semitransparent transparent translucent semitransparent clock calendar reminder time zone map

database software

tmWorks R-View by tmWorks Dev Team

R-View is a light and functional web-based front-end to any database you have JDBC drivers to.

database front-end web-based sql

3d panorama software

Anything3D Pano Viewer by Anything3D Corp.

View presentation over the internet without requiring the use of plug-ins

3d panorama 3d image stitcher stitching virtual tours turntable 360 degree spherical panoramic views panotools 3d photo composer 3d model rotating 3d object 3d photo image object viewer vr qtvr ivr

smp software


BMDFM (Binary Modular DataFlow Machine) is software, which enables running an application in parallel on shared memory symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) using the multiple processors to speed up the execution of single applications.

smp dataflow parallel high performance computing binary modular dataflow machine parallel programming environment

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