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test software

BB TestAssistant by Blueberry Consultants Ltd

A new type of test tool that records movies of what you see on your PC screen. Automatically captures application errors and creates bug reports ready to mail to a developer. Improve communications and catch elusive problems.

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version software

Version Manager by MakeLogic

VersionManager is an application software measurement system. It gives a quantitative measure of the Total Users, Active Users, Usage Time, Live bug reports and many more parameters that asses the value offered by a software.See www.makelogic.com

version manager makelogic software measurement system statistics application measurement application statistics quantitative measurement system application software

trachound software

TracHound by Grace Software Solutions LLC

TracHound is a feature rich multi purpose project tracking application. It can be used to track a variety of project related issues, such as tasks, bug reports, change request, work request.

trachound bug reports enhancement request change request task action items bugs enhancements project request todo management team feature rich multi purpose project tracking application

attach software

CodeClip by The Code Closet

CodeClip attaches multimedia, Web links, files, non-English script and real-time voice recording to plain text (ASCII) files with one-click or hotkey playback, without altering text. Fantastic code documenting, scripting, technical teaching tool.

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