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active screensaver builder software

Alyssa Milano by KrstDesign

Alyssa Milano is the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a fashion designer, and Tom, a film music editor. Seen in Kiss the Bride, Buying the Cow, Jimmy Zip, Hugo Pool, Melrose Place, Public Enemies, Poison Ivy II, Commando

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ftp software

UploadAway by Wordit Limited

UploadAway is an automated uploading utility. Swiftly update an entire web site with one click. Supports multiple sites. Automatic chmod of executables, conversion of spaces to underscores, and upper to lower-case characters in filenames.

ftp ftp client web authoring web development file uploading automated file uploading utility web authors easy yet powerful

apimac software

English-German Dictionary for Mac by Apimac

Apimac English German Dictionary combines all the necessary stuff for students learning German, a comprehensive and up to date dictionary with grammatical notes and a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with German translation

apimac dictionary english german deutsch languages language tools translate translation translator easy to use grammatical notes business grammar text-to-speech read text

documents software

Recent Documents 2002 by Oakley Data Services

Recent Documents will save you time and frustration by keeping track of documents you have been working with, and will help you find them again easily. It automatically keeps track of the names and locations of documents/files as you work with them.

documents files recent documents windows searching enhances windows start documents menu help find recently used files easily

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