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calc prompter software

Calc Prompter by SoftAddress

Calc Prompter is an expression calculator. Calc Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calc Prompter you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

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digital photo software

Kalimages by Soft Experience

A photo catalogue tool to rapidly create an indexed database fom folders of images retrieving automatically descriptions, keywords and other IPTC annotations. Locate, select images by keywords, author, classification. Use IPTC editor w thesaurus

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 debugger software

Debugger Selector by Byrne Consultancy Limited

With Debugger Selector, the exception handling tools (for example Visual C++ or WinDebug) can be defined either in advance or when the exception occurs. Debugger Selector will route the exception to the developers chosen tool.

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index software

DIR2HTML by Jem Berkes

DIR2HTML creates an HTML index from a file system directory. This is useful for building file lists, cataloging contents of CD-ROMS, etc. The program can index either a single directory or multiple directories at once recursively.

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