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caldsoft software

ID3 Lab by CaldSoft

With this program you are able to create, modify, and remove both ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags. There is a helpful renaming facility which allows you to rename the file using its ID3 Tag so that the file name makes more sense.

protection mode id3 mp3 tag

caldsoft software

Installed Program Finder by CaldSoft

This program is able to identify every program installed on your computer. It will generate a list of all of these programs, allowing you to save them to a file or print them. It is ideal if you want a record of all your installed programs.

coin collectors installed program finder

caldsoft software

Open Drive by CaldSoft

This programs will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when a new storage device is attached to your computer. It allows you to open the drives folder quickly easily. It''s perfect for all those who want to explore their drives.

absolutely free open drive usb automatic

caldsoft software

Copier by CaldSoft

This application copies files from one folder to another, if a file cant be copied a note is made and the process continues. This way all your files can be copied in one go, and you dont have to worry about the copy process being interrupted.

flash designers copier

caldsoft software

eBay Browser by CaldSoft

eBay Browser makes searching for and bidding on eBay items much easier. Two key features: Total Price calculator - eBay Browser hides all items with a total price (the sales price + postage) greater than the value you specify. Automatic Refresh

cache index ebay browser

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