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tonk software

Tonk by AGCrump Software

A rummy-style card game that let's you play and bid against a computer opponent. Designed for beginning and advanced players.

card game computer opponent style card rummy

solitare software

In The Round by Lazy Dog Software

In The Round is a Card game that takes the concept of solitaire one step further and requires some strategy to win. You can play Single or Double Deck as well as Normal and Las Vegas Style Scoring.

new solitare strategy shareware twist variation solitare

cards software

Speed by Lazy Dog Software

Speed is a card game that requires quickness to win. You have to play your cards before the computer plays it's cards. You can play Single or Double Deck, Normal and Las Vegas Style Scoring as well as set the Level of Difficulty.

double deck vegas style computer cards card game las vegas

card solitaire software

Pure Patience by Pingram Marketing

Pure Patience is a card game of patience, or solitaire, as it is called in America. The object of the game is to combine the tiles as a full house. Pure Patience is free. No spyware or adware modules are included; it is just a free card game.

adware whim liking solitaire full house spirits

mvp software

The Real Deal by MVP Software

With The Real Deal, hours of entertainment are in the cards. See why Computer Gaming World selected this game as its Best Card Game of the Year. This playable demo includes three games and four computer opponents.

three games playable demo solitaire full cd four computer pinochle

preference software

Danzig Pref Engine by Rugila Software Development Group

Program for playing card game 'preference', which is very popular in Russia. This contract card game is easier than bridge but requires skill, memory and luck. You can play against a computer AI as well as against other people over the LAN.

eastern europe russia card game variations tcp ip preference

games software

Rook+ by iLOR, LLC

Rook+ is a trick-taking card game with many similarities to the ancient card game of Rook.

rook rook plays card old card games game

card software

GameBox Solitaire by PDAmill

A high quality card game pack including 10 well-known card games. Incredible graphics, high quality music and sound effects, smooth card animations, alpha effects and fantastic playability makes this a long standing bestseller.

pdas alleys pack quality animations windows klondike

500 software

500 Card Game For Windows 95 by Special K Software

This program plays the popular card game of 500 with the benefits of playing through WINDOWS 95 or higher.

nullo misere fivehundred play plays joker euchre

cards software

Bergman by Star Mountain Studios

All you have to do is be the first player to discard the five cards you are dealt to start the game, simple right? Well simple doesn't come often in Bergman! See if you can beat the computer in this challenging card game or end up holding the deck.

cards solitaire game deceptively simple but wildly


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