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churches-religion software

Churches by NexusMedia

See beautiful churches from across the lands. 35 photos of Old castle-like to small country to victorian type churches, accompanied by an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects

churches-religion religious nexusmedia nexus 35 photos old castle-like small country victorian type churches

personal timetracking software

Timexam by

Timexam is a program for personal time tracking. It''s absolutely indispensable if you want to control the time you spend and enhance the productivity and efficiency of all your actions.

personal timetracking time management

3d software

RenderGold by RenderGold Software

RenderGold is an easy to use graphic program which allows you to render 3D desktop wallpaper, 3D backgrounds and borders for web page design and email stationery design, 3D decorative picture frames, 3D buttons, etc.

3d graphics wallpaper background desktop stationery stationary button frame framing picture photo image editor pattern border internet design interface skin seamless muted tile render rendering

text software

Paraben''s Text-To-Voice by Paraben Corporation

Paraben''s Text-to-Voice will read text from emails, webpages, ebooks, or any text you typer or copy to your clipboard. With a real-time voice reading, you can catch spelling mistakes easily. Convert to WAV and choose from 40 voices & 11 languages.

text speech wav wave reader convert converter voice read

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