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cd catalog software

CD Bank Catalog Full Pack by Qunom software

CD Bank will help you maintain and organize a catalog of your media collection, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs or any other drives. It will also create thumbnails and file previews, calculates CRC, retrieve the CDDB information, print CD-covers.

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maxdb software

MaxDB Code Factory by SQL Maestro Group

MaxDB Code Factory allows you to manage SQL queries and scripts using such useful features as code folding, code completion and syntax highlighting, build query visually, execute several queries at a time, execute scripts from files

maxdb query sql visual query builder code completion front gui admin client tool database management server administration administrator development

combobox software

DataGrid Columns .NET assembly by RustemSoft

DataGrid Columns .NET assembly is a DataGrid Columns Styles software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET developers. The software package answers on the question: "How to add Combobox in to DataGrid .NET in Windows Forms?"

combobox datagrid .net vb c# datagrid combobox columns .net 2.0 .net 2005 visual basic learn vb vb examples .net samples

isapi software

Image Blocker for IIS by Dash Technologies

Image Blocker prevents other web sites from linking directly to your protected resources. You can protect graphics, music files, movies, javascripts, css files and more. Image Blocker will reduce your bandwidth by limiting unnecessary links.

isapi isapi filter image url blocking user agent iis internet information server filter dll limit ability other internet sites directly link images

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