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source change control password change directory change
folder change level volume small volume
midi volume equalizer involuntary change midi volume equalization
midi volume equalize set volume midi volume adjust
extension change auto volume normalizes midi volume

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stock software

Stock Sector Monitor by Ashkon Technology LLC

Stock Sector Monitor is a personal desktop financial application that allows you instantly monitor over 200 stock sector groups and over 7000 publicly traded companies online.

stock sector monitor personal finance industry quotes portfolio management chart news financial software download market ticker

london stock exchange software

Share Cracker by CCA Software

Share Cracker is a powerful tool for investors that want to monitor the London Stock Exchange. It displays all the FTSE100 and FTSE250 company share prices, plus the FTSE, AIM, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq indexes. See the best time to buy, hold or sell.

london stock exchange lse ftse ftse100 ftse 100 ftse250 ftse 250 aim dow jones nasdaq share share price stockmarket stock market invest investing

microsoft excel spreadsheet software

ESQuotes - Real time stock quotes by Gilmore Software Development, Inc.

Powerful Excel workbook for stocks & mutual funds. Quotes directly from Internet with no downloads or conversions. Manage stocks & mutual funds your way. Stealth quote interface uses simple & familiar =functions(). Works with all proxy servers.

microsoft excel spreadsheet workbook real time stock quotes portfolio mutual funds 401k invest financial ibd canslim xls powerful excel add-on quoting stocks mutual funds direct web

music software

AAAwave by Virtual Worlds

AAA Wave is specifically designed to correct the hiss, crackle and pops in waveforms that have been recorded from old media such as vinyl records and tapes.

music wave editor records noise removal recording hiss pop crackle wav wave vinyl

volume software

Audio Sliders by Code Sector Inc.

Audio Sliders is a versatile and complete audio control utility that includes Volume Control replacement, Remote Control for most popular CD and Mp3 players, built-in CD player, On-Screen Display, system information and clock displays.

volume control sound mixer shortcuts sndvol32 cd windows skin recording tweak software compact feature-packed replacement windows volume control

midi software

Winlive Pro by Pro Music

Winlive 4.0 Pro is a midi and audio player with particularly useful advance functions for the live performances. Its immediacy and facility of use allow it to be used without problems also from the beginners.

midi karaoke chords mp3 audio software music songs smpte tracks studio pc edit performance live-music sequencing database lyrics mixer pan pitch melody marker fade out

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