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Hermetic File Search - Index Module by Hermetic Systems

The index module of Hermetic File Search is for indexing HTML or text files in a hierarchy of files on CD, hard disk, etc. (not a website), so as to provide the data needed by the search module.

file find search index indexing cd subfolders list text scan words characters

find software

Hermetic File Search - Search Module by Hermetic Systems

The search module of Hermetic File Search is for searching HTML or text files (or similar) on CD or hard disk by keywords (searches can be on any word, all words or exact phrase). It uses data files produced by a previously-created index module.

find search file data word subfolders exact phrase extracts searchable cd boolean keywords

reader software

NoteIT by Digital Services of South Florida, Inc.

Never loose information again. NoteIT gives you easy access to a calculator, reader, Web search results and any of your notes quickly, allowing you to backup, archive, search, print, password protect, and email your notes . Apple iPod compatible.

reader speech text-to-speech ipod organizer address book notes noteit note taker calculator research free software archive free skins pim

extract iptc software

CrossIPTC by Soft Experience

Enables automatic cross-platform stock photography conversion via a mass repair on IPTC File Info fields added to JPEG or TIFF pictures: translates Macintosh accents to Windows and Windows to Macintosh. Facilitates images,digital photos transmission

extract iptc coding accents extended characters french accents conversion tool images digital photos pictures repair tool for images macintosh windows crossiptc file info headers keywords graphics metadata image cross-platform crossiptc jpg crossiptc

parser software

NSp_FXParser by Norbert Spoerl

The contained DLL enables it the programmer let calculate complex mathematical expressions in form of a String with nearly unlimited length within own projects during the runtime.

parser dll mathematical formula

editor software

Data2Hex by Mace Computer Systems

Data2Hex:Edit/convert to Intel Hex Files. Features include define multiple data start addresses, Pascal / C / character strings, decimal or hexadecimal byte arrays.

editor intel hex convert data2hex edit convert intel hex files

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