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child software

ChildWebGuardian by Zecos Software

Filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety. This program keeps track and checks the content of every web-page the child browses through in the Internet Explorer. If some obscene content will be found, program block such pages.

child safety web safe kid browser surfing kids childwebguardian filtering software designed provide web child safety

small software

pdc Essentials Me-1 Business and Home Organizer by pdc Precision Designed Computing

Personal Management Software with File Essentials, Child Safe Browser, with Child Guard, Reminder Notes, Scheduler, Address Book, Phone Center, Super Calculator, Calendar.

small business home organizer personal management software small business home organizer personal management software

childrens software

Children's Desktop and Browser by ChildSoft Inc.

ChildSoft's Children's Desktop protects your computer from wandering mouse clicks and stray key presses. ChildSoft's Children's Browser gives you complete control over your child's use of the Internet. You choose what your child sees and does.

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scrapbook software

BlueBell - Internet Scrapbook. by Tymax Systems

Drag pictures & text straight out of Internet Explorer and into BlueBell - and they'll be instantly saved. Keep interesting pictures, jokes, passwords, Web Addresss, Licenses, Specs, Docs in your password protected ScrapBook.

scrapbook web drag and drop bluebell passwords pictures web pages collecting text personal documents family geneology bluebell web scrapbook drag drop pictures text internet

internet sharing software

WinProxy by Ositis by Ositis Software, Inc.

Everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet. Proxy server with Internet connection sharing, advanced firewall, gateway antivirus, NAT, and site filtering for your home or business network.

internet sharing modem sharing proxy server home network winproxy free software nat firewall antivirus virus protection content filter proxy server network address translation site filter internet connection sharing

webpup software

WebPup by General Purpose Software

Automatically searches hundreds of search engines. Searches multiple web-sites and each web page within them. Uses many specific and unique search engines and index's not found on larger search engines and sites.

webpup web search searching child-safe safe tool utility education engines internet page research uses search engines search then drills down precise match criteria

kidsplorer software

KidSplorer by Devicode Technology

KidSplorer is a web browser that allows your kids to safely browse the internet unsupervised. Only KidSafe web sites can be browsed, all other sites are automatically blocked. Limit computer use with schedules, prevent access to other programs.

kidsplorer kidsafe web explorer internet browser devicode kid child safe adult online protect children while they browse web explore kid safe internet sites

simpliciti software

Simpliciti Family Browser by 4003004 canada inc.

Simpliciti browser provides security and safety for your children using the internet. It includes popup control, child lockdown to only the sites you allow as well as being able to set usage time limits. Also includes features for the entire family.

simpliciti secure browser child browser popop eater popupeater internet lockdown web content lockdown locked browser tabbed browser multi browser personalize internet entire family includes popup control child safety

spyware software

RegBlock Spy Blocker by

Regblock Allows Windows users an easy way to halt the installation of drive-by downloads commonly used by malware, spyware and profiling technology through the use of Kill-bit methodology.

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browser software

Secure Browser by Tropical Software

Secure Browser offers the administrator the ability to control where the user navigates on the nternet through the use of key words and specified URLs. A perfect solution for companies that want to display their website at a store or show.

browser secure security kiosk lock windows 2000 xp me nt companies display their website store show


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