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acupuncture software

Chronos by DELEMME Diffusion

The energy flows along the human body. It follows a given path, and some AcuPoints may be not "optimized" at a given date. This program finds which AcuPoints are opened at a given date. It implements antique Chinese Techniques: Zi Wu Liu Zhu ....

acupuncture chrono-acupuncture zi wu liu zhu ling gui ba fa fei teng ba fa tcm traditional chinese medicine channel organ chinese calendar stem branch extraordinary channel optization needle puncture vessel energy qi chi ki cosmic energy

chronos software

Chronos Clock by Rainbow Innovations

Desktop clock allowing multiple clocks & timezones. Timers, multi-function Alarm feature. Calendar/Memo Diary including reminder feature. Speaking Clock using MS Agent.

chronos clocks time zones alarms diary speaking clock powerful desktop clock multiple clocks timezones alarms speaking clock

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