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student class scheduler software

Create Student Class Schedules by Shift Schedules

The Class Scheduler-200 can be used to create student classroom schedules for up to 200 students and 20 teachers in 20 classrooms each day for a week. Individual student and teacher schedules as well as a class roster are created by the spreadsheet.

student class scheduler classroom scheduler teacher schedules

virtual software

WinTiles Plus by SOHO Evolution, LLC

Automate the arrangement of your desktop windows in a variety of layouts. See how WinTiles can help you with instant messaging,web browsing,MP3 listening, video editing word processing and more.

virtual desktop window manager organize mp3 automatically arrange open windows variety layouts

art software

Painting Pictures by NexusMedia

Painting pictures screensavers is a unique screensaver. We have included many great works of art to get it started. A picture graphic is displayed, then it starts to paint the pciture on a blank canvas. You have many different methods of painting

art screensaver paint painting painting pictures screen

keylogger software

PCSentinel's Busted: Instant Message Monitor, Keylogger and More by PC Sentinel Software

Silently records and monitors instant messages, web sites visited, applications used, keystrokes, takes screen shots and more! Easiest-to-use instant message monitor software on the market.

keylogger monitor instant messages record instant messages instant message recorder instant message monitor parental control

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