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delete software

Sure Delete by Wizard Industries

Sure Delete is a tool for Windows based computers to completely remove data from your hard drive. No more worrying if your sensitive data can be recovered. No more headaches.

delete disk clean file recovery recover clean sure delete erase sure delete tool completely remove data writable media

basta software

Deletor by Basta Computing, Inc.

Deletor helps you keep your disks clean by deleting or shredding files corresponding to file name patterns or extensions that you specify. Deletor also has support for custom filter packs, file date filtering, and command line access.

basta deletor delete shred purge clean disk batch backup files remove cache destroy tmp command line recursively

disk housekeeping software

DU by Octatec

These 2 applications enable you to answer the question: "where has all my disk space gone?", and once answered, the disk space can be quickly and easily reclaimed. DiskUsage & DiskClean are distributed together as one utility package.

disk housekeeping disk usage du command disk clean disk usage report disk usage analyser disk usage analyzer lost disk space automatic space recovery remove temporary files windows disk housekeeping cleaning

clean software

CleanDisk by FMJ-Software

CleanDisk will help you automate the task of removing unwanted junk files. Using a very easy-to-use three-step process it will quickly scan your hard disk(s) for unwanted files and assist you in deleting them.

clean disk junk file cleaner search remove uninstall keep hard disk free unwanted junk files

clean disk software

TopLang Computer Sweeper by TopLang software studio

Scan your disks for junk files and erase found junk files easily, it also can erase the Cache, cookies, typed urls, history of your Internet Explorer, erase the recent documents list and recent run list of Windows.

clean disk clear clean sweep sweeper wipe wiper computer sweeper scan erase junk files computer

clean registry software

ViaCleaner by Viaden Inc

ViaCleaner 7.0 is an Internet Privacy Software, allowing users to clean PC registry and delete search history.

clean registry windows washer cleaner registry cleaner eraser internet eraser reg cleaner cookie internet internet privacy internet washer disk cleaner system cleaner computer cookie delete history delete search history

disk software

Fast Cleaner Gold by Eshinesoft, Inc

Awarded 5 Stars plus Top Picks by 5Star Shareware Network in UK,Fast Cleaner Gold provides you with a secure,reliable and complete solution to peform disk cleanup,system cleanup and internet privacy protection and more.

disk cleaner window washer system internet eraser cache cookie history optimizer management clean disks system cool tool fast cleaner gold

disk cleaner software

Disk Clean Wizard by

Disk Clean Wizard is a user-friendly application that recognize more than 50 types of junk files and removes them from your computer.

disk cleaner disk clean drive cleaner system cleaner three easy steps clean disk

security software

Clean Disk Security by Kevin Solway

This program gives you secure file deletion, making sure that deleted files cannot be undeleted again. Deleting a file normally just removes the file's directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. Now with plugins and cookie management.

security cleanup clean disk delete files solway privacy secure cleaner secure file deletion comprehensive clean-up tightest security

wash software

12Ghosts Wash by 12Ghosts Inc.

Maintain your privacy and recover space lost to garbage files. Removes your Internet history, cookies, and temporary cached files in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. And you may extend the washing with any user defined file or folder.

wash cookies history clean disk security utilities maintain privacy recover space lost garbage files


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