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system software

MemCheck Pro by Camtech 2000

MemCheck Pro automatically monitors and Optimizes System Resources. Features include Optimization of lost Resources for System, User and GDI as well as Memory Load, memory types available

system resources memory gdi memcheck pro automatically monitors optimizes system resources closing

animated software

ZoomOpen by Barefoot Productions, Inc.

Animated zooming window effects. Configure from one of sixteen open effects, and choose from the same number of close effects. Select starting position for a zoom open and ending position for a zoom close effect. Livens up windows!!

animated zoom window effects desktop enhancement cool lively utility cool animated zooming window effects opening closing windows

message box closing software

OkPress by Azure Desktop

OkPress automatically closes any message boxes or application dialog boxes when you press a mouse button. You can Minimize all windows at once, Shutdown or Reboot the system with one click, Quickly logoff.

message box closing minimize windows dialog box close quick shutdown closing common message boxes dialog boxes without hitting ok button

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