Collision Detection Software

motion detection virus detection intrusion detection
silence detection gesture detection edge detection
virus detection and repair illicit material detection attack detection
spam detection activity detection spyware detection
antivirus detection collision detection intrusion detection system

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animation software

AniSprite by ITB CompuPhase

AniSprite is an advanced sprite animation library for Microsoft Windows

animation sprite alpha channel collision detection anisprite advanced sprite animation library microsoft windows

synchronizer software

SynchronEX Backup & FTP by Xellsoft

File and directory synchronizer, Backup, ZIP, FTP, finding duplicate files

synchronizer file backup ftp upload directory tree free synchronization synchronisation directories copy collision detection incremental duplicate files mirroring tool software utility

3d software

ThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator by Havinga Software

3D mechanics simulation and rendering application

3d graphics render simulation mechanics script 3d mechanics simulation rendering application

mobile basic software

Mobile BASIC MIDlet by Firth Software

Mobile BASIC - The easy way to write your own Programs for your Mobile Phone

mobile basic mobile phone cellular phone wireless development programming mobile basic easy way write programs mobile phone

spritecraft software

SpriteCraft by

Easy to use sprite game engine for shareware/freeware game developers

spritecraft sprite craft 2d graphics game engine windows game development com programming vb easy sprite game engine shareware freeware game developers

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