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New Pigment by AMF

New Pigment is a picture viewer for colorblind people. It aids in modifying the colors of images and pictures so that those with specific color-blindness can easily view the images. Don't let colorblindness interfere with your computing experience!

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mastermind software

Apus by AKAMAR

This is the Java version of the board game Master Mind. The objective of the game is to break a secret code up to 10 moves. Different pegs and boards. In-game hints. Pegs for people with a colorblind. 4 levels of difficulty. 4 to 12 colors of pegs.

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colorblind software

WhatColor by Nakahara-Hikaru Shareware

WhatColor identifies a color of the pixel on the screen. There are some similar tools to display RGB values to assist making HTML used in authoring WWW pages. WhatColor tells you not only RGB values, but also the name of the color of the point.

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