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mvp software

Picture Me Dinosaur by MVP Software

Kids ages 5-12 love this new activity center learning and entertainment software from MVP. Dave the dinosaur helps them play games, learn fun facts about dinosaurs, explore the dinosaur world, and create, animate and print their own pictures.

mvp childrens kids dinosaurs education paint draw fun activity center based popular dinosaur theme

c sharp editor software

Antechinus C# Programming Editor by C Point

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's Beta 2 version of .NET, Antechinus allow you to design, compile and run C# applications from the integrated environment. You can generate and maintain console and Windows programs, libraries and add-on modules.

c sharp editor design compile run applications integrated environment

kids software

Super Splash 3D by Pixel Escape Studios Inc.

Join Quackers the duck on his adventure to bring color back to the world! Be taken on a wonderful journey through magical forests, deep oceans and strange lands... Anything is possible! Features real-time 3D graphics and narration in 4 languages.

kids color education paint brush children fun entertain learn computer 3d graphics creative creativity play crayon

stylesheet software

Style Master by Western Civilisation P/L

Style Master is an easy to use CSS editor which combines WYSIWYG editors with hand coding tools. Internal previewing along with integrated browser support and cascading style sheet info make designing web page appearance using the CSS standard easy.

stylesheet style sheet style css css1 css2 cascading style sheets editor cascading style sheet editor combining wysiwyg editors hand coding tools

excel software

Alerts for Excel 97/2000 by Spinnaker Software Solutions

Spinnaker Alerts 2.14 is an Excel Add-in that Alerts you to critical values in your worksheet by means of audio, pop-up messaging, E-mail paging, and logging of critical events in Microsoft Excel 97 and later. Sample file included for a quick start

excel add-in alert pop-up messaging e-mail audio excel add-in alert pop-up messaging e-mail audio cell coloring execute macro

basic software

Liberty BASIC for Windows by Shoptalk Systems

Liberty BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool. Great for light programming or for learning to program (tutorial included). Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Large online community. Special classroom pricing!

basic qbasic quickbasic development programming education teaching learning visual basic easy personal programming basic create utilities

texnotes software

TexNotes by Univision Incorporated

Feature rich text editor, notes organizer and document publisher developed by GemX. A handy tool with all the ease-of-use that busy professionals need and without all the overhead in effort and time that they don't.

texnotes personal information manager quick notes organizer text editor feature rich text editor notes organizer document publisher

xml editor software

xmlBlueprint XML Editor by Monkfish

The fast XML editor for Windows developers.

xml editor xml editor fast xml editor unicode validation ide xml coloring w3c xml tips dtd docbook gpx mathml soap

cms software

News Updater by XMLS Software

Give your users the possibility to update their site. Create a "News" or an "Upcoming events" page, which the user can update using the News Updater program. No server side scripting or database is needed, it works with static sites. Supports Images.

cms content management webmaster webdesigner webdeveloper update news events client simple cms system works static site usefull upcoming events

acbrowser software

AC Browser Plus by Konrad Papala

AC Browser is a powerful, multi-threated, multi-document file manager with the ability to Add Comments (notes) to the files and directories, view and convert images, search files, create,export,save,load list of files, view thumbnails and more.

acbrowser ac browser file manager konrad papala viewer mp3 jpg windows xp programy oprogramowanie new file manager view convert images create lists files search files


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