Comfortable Software

magic software

Magic Basket by Rayslab Inc.

Magic Basket is an useful and comfortable assistant for Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. It enables you to easy manage files: copying and moving by Drag&Drop.

magic magic basket basket utils explorer diz mgcbskt-zip application info information developer utility programmer tool distribution submission

guitar software

NSA Song Player by NSA Software

The NSA Song Player helps you learn and create songs for the guitar. You can import tablature and hear it played to the Metronome speed you choose, or create your own songs and progressions. Now with 1200 chords, alternate tunings, staff and a capo.

guitar learning tablature scales chords arpeggios music song songs tab learn teach education playing play see hear learn guitar songs tablature 1200 chords alternate

telnet software

CSTelnet by Celestial Software

Fast 32-bit telnet also with SSH, TAPI Dialup and direct COM port access. Solid VT100 gives CSTelnet the edge, along with SOCKS Proxy, session logging, Passthru printing, Color/Font settings, and a host of terminal options.

telnet ssh secure shell client xmodem ymodem zmodem socks tapi com vt100 passthru passthrough shareware telnet client ssh tapi dialup comm port access vt100 passthru printing

enigma software

LivingSoftware's Enigma by LivingSoftware

enigma graphics image viewer editor photo encrypt decrypt scramble encode decode photographic edit private graphic viewer utility

email software

Email Pump by Off-Site Labs, Inc.

Send mass email using text files, databases using tables, queries. With Access, the database option is very powerful, allowing you to use tables or queries with mail-merge, and mix database fields and text input in your messages.

email bulk mass mail send mass email using text files databases using tables queries

cyber cafe software

CiB NetStation by CiB Net Station

CiB NetStation is a dedicated software unit that aimed to provide total cyber cafe software solution.

cyber cafe software internet cafe time billing cyber cafe management system cib netstation total cyber cafe solution

foreign language software

Foreign Language Game Collection by Foreign Language Learning Homepage

Enjoy foreign language learnig with 5 motivating vocabulary games. The games adapt to the players knowledge and advances, accept synonyms, ignore typing errors and present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.

foreign language language learning vocabulary trainer vocabulary game edugame word game call enjoy foreign language learnig 5 motivating vocabulary

awareness software

MetaScient Self-Empowering Knowledge System by MetaScient Technology

Interactive ebook (software) reveals the deepest meaning of your life, the most important of all knowledge. Your tool for self-awareness & decision-making, based on twenty years research to create a unique psychological technology.

awareness decision education self-help dream mental health mind brain psychology oracle learning self decision-making self-awareness spiritual metaphysical therapy meditation psychic book mystical paranormal ching

musical software

Alt MP3 Screensaver Player by NeSoft Inc.

Play a musical slideshow from playlists of pictures and MP3 playlists. You don't need to generate single executable screensaver - now you can select it from playlists - sets, where the places of resources and rules for its playing are given.

musical slideshow screensavers mp3 slide show screen savers slides pictures images photos play musical slideshow playlists pictures mp3 playlists

penguin software

Penguin Puzzle by

Penguin Puzzle is a lovingly crafted puzzle game with a unique look and sound. This game just bursts with addictive game-play! A game for all ages, Penguin Puzzle has a catchy sound track, great graphics and low system requirements.

penguin puzzle casual fun cute tetris small easy great sound graphics cubes ice play upload high score time trial arcade form tutorial


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