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easy-ftp software


With Easy-FTP you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server. So you can upload files to your homepage or download files from a public FTP server. The program can continue interrupted download. It can delete folders with all subfolders.

easy-ftp cad-kas ftp file transfer protocol client upload continue interrupted cgi perl file attribute edit transfer server delete subfolder

shutdown software

Absurd Terminator by NeSoft Inc.

Fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator. Shutdown Windows and terminate active tasks by one touch (alternative to "Ctrl-Alt-Del") and from command line

shutdown process terminate command line ctrl-alt-del add-remove shut down restart fast shutdowner task terminator

audit software

Auto-Audit by Lockwood Technical Svc. Inc.

Auto-Audit is a Audit Trail generation and reporting tool for Microsoft® SQL Server©. Auto-Audit generates server side triggers that track all Insert, Update and Delete statements. It also ships with powerful reporting utilities

audit database code creation sql data scripts triggers auto-audit audit trail generation reporting tool ms sql server

puzzle software

The Jcwd - Japanese Puzzles by

The Jcwd is the logic game for solving single and multicolor Japanese puzzles also known as Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Nonograms or Japanese Crosswords. There are simple and pretty dificult puzzles in the Japanese Puzzles Collection (440 puzzles).

puzzle puzzles paint by numbers nonogram griddler descarte enigma japanese japan illustlogic crossword crosspix oekaki logic starpic pic pix figurepic picturelogic

words software

Words by

This program assists you in learning new words. You can choose the topics to study and add words as necessary. In certain intervals you will be asked to translate several words. The more times you make miss a word, the more you will be tested on it

words program learn study memorize memory educational language french german english russian spanish italian dutch 95 98 me nt 2000 xp

pacman software

3D Pacman: Cake Fury by TerraGame

Version 2 is finally released! Now with weapons and spells! Kill monsters by magic Fire Ball, Power Shield and Trap Mine. 3D Pacman faery arcade game for Windows 98-XP. Excellent for kids and adults!

pacman online arcade cake 3d demo 3d pacman faery arcade 16 vivid levels summer winter episodes

pim software

TreeDBNotes by SoftViewer

TreeDBNotes is a free powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, PIM and Word Processor with Tree Structure, advanced encryption and password protection. Keys: search,replace,case,insert htm tables,file,link,image,time,date, txt,htm,rtf,wri

pim tree treedbnotes treepad text editor word processor text converter rtf html doc wri table html table gif jpg html editor database password encryption tree notes notepad treenotes

joystick software

JoyMouse by Virtual Projects

Have you ever dreamed to replace complicated mouse device with something more convenient, easy and powerful? Your dreams came true! Turn your Joystick into a powerful four-button mouse with the extensible customization possibilities!

joystick mouse replace emulate accessibility joystick efficient than mouse dont believe try joymouse

scan software

Clone Hunter by Yavsoft

The Clone Hunter solves the problem with tons of identical files wasting your hard drive space. Customizable help criteria and detailed logs will help you to make a choice which files will remain on your hard drive and which files are unnecessary.

scan clean clone remove delete files clonekiller duplicate monitoring file disks utility double deluxe easy swift comfort claimlostspace

log software

Azure Web Log by Azure Desktop

Azure Web Log analyzer tells you all you want about your web site: What are the most popular pages and files on your site? How many visitors are there and where are they from? What browsers and OS they use? What is your sites traffic?

log analyzer iis statistics site logs analyse site log analyzer separate statistics every page


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