Commit Software

club membership software

Membership Director by Advanced Data Solutions

Manage club membership information. Tracks dues, committees, attendance, fundraising, member interests, awards, the club's finances and much more. Serves as a tool for the club's treasurer or membership director. Easy to install and use.

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church software

Church Office Helper by Advanced Data Solutions

Tracks the church's membership, contributions, pledges, finances, committees, sunday school classes, music library records, sermons, church personnel, music programs, talent survey and more. User defined fields.

church membership administation contribution donation database shareware software management music tracks churchs membership contributions pledges committees

nutrition software

NutriGenie Lower High Blood Pressure by NutriGenie

This software is based on the report of the Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. It is an excellent tool to complement any treatment for hypertension.

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diet software

Weight-By-Date Pro by ProVariant Software

Keep yourself on track with Weight-By-Date Pro. Log your nutritional intake, exercises, body measurements, and more. It's flexible, it's friendly, and it's fun. Most importantly, it keeps you motivated and committed to becoming a healthier you.

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titanic software

Voices in the Abyss by E-dition

In the sommer 2002, a young marine engineer, in a team of marine engineers intending to explore the Titanic, confronts the truth of an awful tragedy and the mysteries of his own past.

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cyber cafe software

CiB NetStation by CiB Net Station

CiB NetStation is a dedicated software unit that aimed to provide total cyber cafe software solution.

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live hits- monitor hits software

WebWatcher by Steve Karas and Associates

WebMasters watch LIVE hits on your web site with WebWatcher. WebWatcher uses your current page hit counter and displays the hits right on your desktop. It can monitor 20 different pages on 20 different sites all live. Download is a free trial

live hits- monitor hits hit counter webmasters watch live hits web site webwatcher


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