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banner software

WebChat - Communicator by William Candelo a.

The visual Chat and browser where the Chat Room are Internet sites - Java(tm) WebChat - all INTERNET is HERE !!!, and free.

banner sponsor promote bbs visual java navigator chat friends publicity to banner communication webchat comunicator system

automated attendant software

AutoSecretary by Computer telephony via voice modems

Autosecretary is a software solution for handling incoming and outgoing voice phone calls based on AI voice processing feature. It can call your customers and give them different personalized sets of voice information based on custom scripts.

automated attendant autosecretary answering machine calling machine dialing machine cnd voice modem communication subscribe r dialogic odbc sql computer telephony vote duty notification warning synthesis call center

chat software

PINO 3-Server by alcomp Development

PINO 3-Server is a full featured Chatserver for the Windows platform. It supports unregistered and registered users, users can join multiple rooms, the Administrator can define static system rooms, 4 levels of user rights are available.

chat chatserver server daemon community communication pino 3-server full featured chatserver platform

betatesting software

SystemReport Utility by Agentix Software

SystemReport Utility can be used to generate customized to your needs system information report and to send it via email. For developers, beta-testers, support teams and all who helps user to survive in this Era of Future Technologies :).

betatesting betatest bugreport sysinfo systeminfo systeminformation techsupport technicalsupport remote betatester support generates customized system information txt file sends via email

instant messenger software

Trusted Messenger by NotePage, Inc.

Effective communications for the office. Converse with colleagues in real time. Messages can be sent to any network users through their network user name or computer name, messages can be sent to all network users simutlaneously with a single click.

instant messenger instant messaging network messaging secure messaging chat chat program instant messaging software lan chat lan messaging instant network communication network communication messenger instant messenger messaging insta

instant messaging software

Sonork Instant Messaging Client by Sonork S.R.L.

An intuitive, small, fast, secure and highly customizable instant messaging application for corporate Intratnets and the Internet. Developed for workgroup collaboration and direct customer communication. Can be integrated into existing applications.

instant messaging intranet workgroup collaboration customer management real time messaging chat conferencing collaboration small fast stable secure instant messaging application intra

fax software

InterFAX by UK Software

Interfax is a utility that lets you send faxes from your computer, using your internet connection. Simply type out the fax, enter the name who it's going to, enter the FULL international fax number and a subject for the fax and click on SEND.

fax free faxing fax for free internet fax internet communication facsimile telephone fax machine machine agent msagent uksoftware speaking fax software free software interfax tool send faxes computer

instant software

timp by Tipic Inc.

TIMP is Programmable Instant Messaging Platform based on Jabber that runs on Windows 2000 with Active Directory - LDAP / Jabber integration and SSL. Any Jabber client can be used (Linux, Java, Mac-OS, Palm, Pocket-PC, Web based client, etc).

instant messaging server jabber realtime communication plug in xml soap xml-rpc programmable instant messaging platform based jabber running

instant software

tipicim by Tipic Inc.

Jabber based Instant Messager Client that allows you to comunicate with your friends who use ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger. You can create Chatrooms and access new and innovative services.

instant messaging client jabber realtime communication plug in xml soap xml-rpc jabber based instant messager client

crm software

InvestigateBase by Graphicalic

The CRM system for the Private Investigator. Organize your customers, contacts, order and reports in one easy to use solution that helps you to work smarter. InvestigateBase can be customized to you or you can use the standard solution

crm customer database order account relation manage one complete crm system private investigator keep customer visible

turbo browser express software

Turbo Browser Express by FileStream, Inc.

Turbo Browser Express is a superb file management and viewer program with a set of the most comprehensive built-in viewers. It is the only program that lets you manage and view remote (FTP) server files as if they are on your local computer.

turbo browser express turbo browser turbobrowser turbo browser zip cab e-mail email ftp file manager explorer thumbnail search viewer java java archive jar activex cad mp3 free trial version net

text editor software

Write Source by Alcoda Software

Write and modify your text with the maximum tools available within Windows: EditExt, ExactWord, Word Spring (spell check, Thesaurus & Definitions). Compatibility Mode enhances spell checking Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express.

text editor thesaurus dictionary free dictionaries spell check spellchecker spellchecking word processor syntax highlighting spanish british danish dutch english french german italian norwegian polish swedish brazilian

sms software

Acumen QuikSMS by Acumen Software, Inc.

Send SMS text messages to any United States mobile phone from your computer. Send instant messages or schedule future reminders by entering in the phone number.

sms text messaging dispatch event planning communication group contact reminders mobile phone united states scheduled message instant message cheap cost effective send sms sms from computer tool

vbdocman software

VBdocman by Peter Macej

Generates documentation from VB source files. It parses source code and automatically creates table of contents, index, topics, cross-references and context sensitive help in CHM, HLP, HTML, RTF and others. It works as Visual Basic Add-In.

vbdocman vb documentation automatic generate chm hlp html rtf help add-in vbdocman visual basic documentation generator

annotation software

JotSmart by DailyToast Inc.

JotSmart(tm) software gives you the power to capture and annotate (mark up) any information with graphic highlights, text notes and voice messages. Then, with a single click, send the information to your default email software.

annotation email communication voice message graphics multi-media messaging highlighting capture annotate send information default email program


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