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Communication Software


Win Squared Problem Solver by Arcadian Software

Provides an instant list of tactics for solving common negotiation, persuasion and conflict resolution problems. It analyzes the unique facts of your situation and provides custom advice tailored to your style, goals and level of assertiveness.

software business persuasion negotiation negotiate negotiating negotiation skill sales communication skill influence assertiveness debate communication skill conflict resolution tool tactic strategy marketing training resolve employment purchasing sm

web software

DrWebFileManager Light by DATAROAD s.r.o.

Share or manage WEB files easy trhougt ASP server component. Main features: Multiple file operations, additional folder privileges, style modification, custom commands, customization.

web file manager asp server component http upload files folders activex share manage files easy trhougt asp server component

ssl software

Chilkat SSL COM Component by Chilkat Software, Inc.

Chilkat SSL is a free COM component that makes it extremely easy to communicate securely over a TCP socket using either the SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols.

ssl sslv3 tls tlsv1 tcp tcp-ip socket c com component message xml client server c- builder com component easy ssl tls communication over tcp socket

email software

Malt Away by Vermalt

Forwards your email to cell phone, pager, or other email account. Text Reduction gives you 25% more text on text-limited devices. Customizable filters give you only the messages you want. By retaining the "From" address, you can reply immediately.

email forward cell phone mobile pager forwarding mail redirect travel communication imap forward email cell phone pager advanced filters fitting text

tech software

The PC Technicians Guide to Profits by

The PC Technicians Guide to Profits is for any mobile computer service person already on the go or for the novice interested in starting a home-based computer service business

tech technician service call dispatch guide how-to how to computer repair pc repair service business pc shop preventative maintenance how to start management pc technicians guide profits practical pc service shop management

random software

Easypass by Andresen Software

Fast and easy to use random password generator. Generates different types of passwords (e. g. speakable password). Generation of "readable" passwords. Convenient use. Password mass generation: Generation of up to 10,000 passwords in a few seconds.

random password generator administration security helpdesk hotline random password generator single mass password generation

sms software

Redcoal Mobile Messenger by Redcoal

Redcoal Mobile Messenger. Just click the 'Send SMS' created by this easy-to-install program and send and receive SMS messages to your field employees, staff, clients, partners and friends in 130 countries

sms outlook sms outlook send sms short message email2sms outlook2sms reply sms instant mobile messenger mobile messenger chat via sms send receive sms messages over 130 countries

database software

jWorkbook by St James Software

jWorkbook is an Excel Add-In that enables you to build powerful database queries and see the results directly in your Excel Spreadsheet. Build reports quickly using single or multiple SQL statements. Supports Oracle, Access and SQL Server.

database query queries sql oracle access sql server excel tutorial create manage run sql inside excel results saved spreadsheet

miramail software

MiraMail by Nevrona Designs

Team-based customer email answering system that improves response time/tracking Enable your staff to more efficiently respond to your customer emails using existing email tools. Features include threading, grouping, shared access and security

miramail email groupware application server developer communication collaboration productivity threaded customer team-based customer email answering system improves response time tracking

chess software

NetChess by RS Software Lab

NetChess is a chess program that allows you to play with opponent over internet/intranet or on the local computer. Features include chat, load/save game,chess-clock, move logging, coordinate system.

chess netchess intranet

resume software

Web Resume Writer by eInternet Studios

The Internet has revolutionized communication, now harness this power for your job hunting. Web Resume Writer is a powerful resume creation application for Windows 95/98/NT designed to produce eye-catching resumes for paper or the Internet.

resume job employment assistance html agency find graduate job employment resume writer powerful resume creation application 95 98 nt

personality software

Home Personality Test by

Personality testing is now simple and affordable with Home Personality Test for Windows and Macintosh. A simple yet very powerful software, Home Personality Test brings you the power that once was only in the domain of law enforcement.

personality test mbti kiersey temperament hire jung freud psychology sell buy leadership communication type human resource personality testing now simple affordable home personality test

help desk software

ContactSoft InfoTracer by ContactSoft, Inc.

ContactSoft InfoTracer gives you and your team an easy-to-use yet powerful way to get your world in order. It manages Information, Knowledge, Documents, Contacts, CRM and all kind of Communications. With just one interface and database.

help desk software fax software time management calendar software knowledge management customer relationship management crm software professional organizers small business home business soho direct marketing document management crm easily integrate information documents contacts communications knowledge

web software

WebGate by NotePage, Inc.

Internet paging gateway that allows for email and web messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers, cell phones or other paging devices. Email and email notification can be sent to numeric pagers.

web email pager paging cgi intranet communication wireless messaging pagers digital phone e-mail gateway webpage alphanumeric alpha numeric communicate pcs cellular nextel message email to pager

paging software

NotePager Net by NotePage, Inc.

Network paging software that allows for group paging, on-call messaging, scheduled paging, preprogrammed messages, and repeating messages. NotePager Net is a paging gateway that facillitates sending messages to paging devices and cell phones.

paging software alpha paging alphanumeric paging pager desktop paging group preprogrammed scheduled paging repeating messages stock alerts alphanumeric digital cell phone phone alpha weather paging software pcs nextel


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