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swimming software

SwimShark by Silvershark Sports Software

SwimShark is swimming software which keeps you organized and on top of your swimming career. SwimShark is loaded with features that are useful to competitive and non-competitive swimmers and comes with a very lightweight price tag.

swimming swimshark personal swimming performance tracking software

word software

WordSearch for Java by Frank Brommecker

A free word-search (word-find) type puzzle game in Java with multiplayer capability. Connect over the Internet or local network and play a game together -coop or competitive. Generate unlimited random puzzles sized from 10x10 to 30x30.

word game puzzle free java wordsearch word search word find word-search word-find multiplayer multi-player internet network fun wsfj generate unlimited freeware

asset software

NetSupport DNA by NetSupport

For many organizations, the IT assets, namely Hardware & Software, account for the largest proportion of the IT spend. Companies large & small depend upon a collection of hardware and software networks, systems and databases to remain competitive.

asset management desktop pc inventory hardware software distribution metering reporting web internet netsupport dna combines powerful hardware software inventory

schmitriz software

Schmitriz by Michael Schmitz Technologies

Schmitriz is a straightforward, sleek, efficient, and robust tetris clone. It features custom backgrounds, custom piece pictures, and a competitive two-player mode.

schmitriz tetris schmitz skin schmitriz sleek efficient robust tetris clone which supports skins

internet accelerator software

Artera Turbo by Artera Group, Inc.

Artera Turbo provides up to a 5X speed increase in your web-browsing performance using your existing dial-up Internet connection. Going way beyond competitive products that tweak Windows settings to provide a speed boost.

internet accelerator web accelerator dial-up accelerator boost internet speed modem speed free incredible new service dramatically increases web browsing speed

card game software

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice by Mari JP Soderberg

This card game with an attitude, is a fast moving and addictive card game. A form of competitive solitaire where you are challenged by the wit and skill of Spite, the computer opponent. Similar to SkipBo. Also playable with an Internet/LAN connection

card game cards solitaire patience spite and malice spitenet interactive solitaire fast moving addictive card game attitude

inquiry management system software

Inquiry Management System by Enventia Limited

Inquiry Management System is an essential tool in today's competitive market brought to you by Enventia Limited. You can classify inquiries on a number of factors like area, media, purpose of buying, income, etc. You can send personalized mails.

inquiry management system enquiry management system marketing management system sales management system followup contact information mail merge sales segment analysis inquiry management system sales marketing management software


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