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remote teaching software

ScreenCast Pro by DigitalBeijing

Share Your Screen(together with video from camera,sound from sound card) with Your Entire Network! Each computer can view your screen,see your video,and hear your voice or your PC''s sound in real time remotely - all from their location!

remote teaching screen broadcast remote pc webcam broadcast remote access remote control remote screen

outlook software

OsaSync by Vaita

OsaSync enables you to share and/or synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts. Share your Outlook contacts with your family or colleagues or synchronize your contacts with another computer like your laptop.

outlook collaborate collaboration synchronize 2000 sharing synchronization outlook share sharing email cell phone contacts outlook palm synchronizer

task software

RemoteDeviceExplorer by Nsasoft LLC.

Remote Device Explorer displays device information installed on remote network computer and enumerates the members of the specified device information set. You must have administrative privileges on the remote network computer.

admin execute computer service task tool network interactive remote programs local parameters control remote device system run

hard software

Acronis Drive Cleanser by Acronis

Acronis DriveCleaner was written specifically to obliterate confidential data from partitions and HDDs. It includes most known national governmental standards for HDD data destruction and algorithms by authoritative experts in computer data security.

wiper vsitr navso partition disk data dod 5220-22-m private wipe hard schneier obliterate algorithm p50739-95 gutmann destruct

blob software

Blob by Iconic Games

Explode, shrink, capture and shield your blobs in our latest game of strategic mayhem. Whether it's versus up to seven computer opponents, seven human opponents worldwide or a mixture of the two, Blob offers hours of fun.

turn based strategy shield board blob simple based board blobs strategic turn game explode shrink

keyboard software

Keyboard Logger by PANTERASoft.Com

Do you want to know what your children, spouse or significant other type on your computer when you are away from it? The Keyboard Logger key logger records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes.

key spy logger monitor keyboard

tv player classic software

TV Player Classic by TV Player Classic

TV Player Classic is a program for viewing online internet TV channels on the TV or computer display. This software allows you to watch 1200+ live television channels from 100+ countries and 200 paid channels for free. Scanner.

internet television channels program for viewing online tv purchase buy download tv set tv player classic download for free scanner

putty software

Putty Toolkit by The Summit Open Source Development Group

The various putty tools in a simple installer that makes it easy to add/remove/upgrade the tools in your computer or on a public terminal. Creates Start menu options on install for easy access.

windows network ssh internet terminal rlogin putty linux telnet bsd unix openssh

rapid resizer software

Rapid Resizer by Patrick Roberts Software

Let your computer enlarge craft patterns and drawings to any size. Open, paste or scan your design into the Rapid Resizer, enter the width and height you want, and it will print it to precisely that size.

intarsia quilting stained glass applique enlarge pattern scroll saw enlarge enlarge drawing rapid resizer pattern resize resizing wood working scrollsaw resize pattern

netmeeting software

Remove Netmeeting by Getdata

Either for security reasons or just because you don't like it. Simply remove Netmeeting from your computer. This tool usesthe same scan and secure technology as The Computer Security Tool. Netmeeting Remover also allows the reinstallation.

delete netmeeting uninstall netmeeting netmeeting remove netmeeting


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