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transfer software

Tansee iPhone Transfer by Tansee

Tansee iPhone Transfer for transfer song/video from iPhone to computer. - Backup songs in iPhone to PC. - Copy iPhone songs to new computer or notebook. - Computer crashed. - Share your iPhone songs with friends. - Copy all songs to new iPhone

transfer song/video iphone to computer.

for software

Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo by Tansee

When use Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo copy iPhone photos out? - Backup or copy photos in iPhone to PC. - Copy iPhone photos to new computer or notebook. - Computer crashed. - Share your iPhone photos with friends. - Copy photos to new iPhone

for transferring photos your iphone to computer.

recover files software

Recover My Files by CrocWare

RecoverMyFiles is a powerful document recovery tool. It can recover deleted, lost, hidden Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher and Visio documents. Simple to use Wizard mode or a feature rich advanced mode.

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