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mp3 software

WaveDiff by United Research Labs

WaveDiff processes a wave & returns accuracy of match found with reference wave

mp3 audio wave speech synthesis voice type sound computer talking dragon dictate activewebspeech viavoice wavediff processes wave returns accuracy match found reference wave

pc-telephone software

PC-Telephone by SELECTRA

PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC over Internet/ISDN - Phone, Fax, Voicemail, AnswerPhone

pc-telephone pc-phone pc-to-phone pc-pc pc-to-pc pc-fax pc-to-fax net-phone net-to-phone net-fax net-to-fax web-phone web-telephone web-to-phone web-fax web-to-fax free-calls free-phone-calls isdn-telephone isdn-phone isdn-fax

automated attendant software

AutoSecretary by Computer telephony via voice modems

State of the art digital phone secretary featuring AI to handle user voice input

automated attendant autosecretary answering machine calling machine dialing machine cnd voice modem communication subscribe r dialogic odbc sql computer telephony vote duty notification warning synthesis call center

mp3 to wav software

Visual MP3 To Wav Converter by iProgram Development

Convert MP3 to Wav, including normal PCM wav and 10 compressed wav formats

mp3 to wav mp3 to wav converter mp3 decoder convert mp3 to wav convert mp3 wav including normal pcm wav 10 compressed wav formats

text to speech software

Visual Text To Speech MP3 by iProgram Development

Convert text to mp3, mp2, wav, ogg, G.721/723/726 and vox formats

text to speech text to mp3 text to wav text to ogg text to vox text to g-721-723-726 convert text mp3 mp2 wav ogg 721 723 726 vox formats

ivr software

Message Server Communication Suite by MAW Consulting

Message Server takes care of all your communication needs.

ivr ct telephony pager voice mail fax demand sms ucp xio tap mobile phone interactive voice response scada message server takes care communication needs

cti software

CTI Data Connector by Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

CTI Client and Middleware - connects applications - databases - phone systems

cti cti software tapi computer telephony integration cti interface outlook cti pc phone pc dial cti server tapi ocx dialer cti connector middleware cti client middleware connects applications databases phone systems


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