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contact software

1st Contact by JSoft Consulting

A simple, yet powerful contact manager with auto-dial, email & web capabilities.

contact manager white yellow phone fax email internet urls search network simple yet powerful contact manager auto-dial email internet capabilities

icq software

ICQr Information by Moritz Bartl

reads out ICQ Database (DAT) files including sensitive data such as passwords

icq mirabilis icqr information password recovery security encryption exploits address reader tools 99a 99b 2000a 2000b 98a

recipease software

RecipEase by Duke Software Solutions, Inc.

Let RecipEase manage your recipes, meal planning, shopping lists and much more.

recipease recipe recipes cookbook electronic share e-mail meal meals planning database recipease manage recipes meal planning shopping lists

personal diary software

Personal Diary by VidasSoft

Small and simple Personal Diary.

personal diary personal diary freeware shareware application address book reminder mail chat small simple personal diary

chat software

WhereIsIP by JufSoft

IP , Website,Email or ICQ geographic location research tool

chat icq email location hacker hack trace ip where geographic whois jufsoft search domain name dns whois

verify software

Advanced Maillist Verify by Tweak Marketing Inc.

Mailing lists verifying to determine which of addresses in mail list are dead.

verify email address mail list dead verifing validator delivery error verifying valid checker mailing list manager checking address verification direct delivery e-verify com component evalidator everify thebat eudora e-validator activex

fax software

Total Fax by Total Fax

Send faxes to an unlimited number of recipients with just a few clicks

fax fax software pc fax software send faxes unlimited number recipients just few clicks


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