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store builder software

! Masterweb Wizard by Cyber Industries, Inc.

Use customizable Web site layouts to create your own site and auto host it.

store builder web builder web store builder hosting with site builder ecommerce ecommerce enabled personalized email web mail web mail access email sender email auto sender email auto responder viral marketing engine meta tags search engine

fingerprint software

FingerPoint by Neurotechnologija, Ltd.

Person identification system using fingerprints

fingerprint recognition identification matching verification biometric security scan crime authentication recognition access control pattern recognition criminalistic person identification system using fingerprints

quickbooks software

QBAutomation by,Inc.

Email your Quickbooks Invoices, Salesreceipts and other items

quickbooks automation small business email invoice sales receipt email quickbooks invoices salesreceipts other items

html software

Enhanced HTML by Enhance Software Solutions Ltd

A complete solution to creating, publishing and maintaining your web site.

html editor windows internet page javascript asp tutorial reference text program programmer ftp upload site hosting spell

translate software

Tri Text Tools by Intelligence Services

NLX:New Line Xlate STRINGS:SeeText in Binary Files HEAD:View FileFrontMiddleEnd

translate new lines newlines visible text string strings head middle tail portion view format nlx new line xlate strings seetext binary files head view filefrontmiddleend

c software

Matrix TCL by Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Matrix template class library for doing matrix calculations in C++ programs

c matrix template class library inversion lu decompositions linear equations eigen value vector arithmetic sub-matrix operations

palm software

Mobile Real Estate Professional by Chamberland Technology Group, Inc.

Mobile Real Estate is a MUST HAVE for every Real Estate agent!

palm pocket pc real estate database palm real estate listings pocket pc real estate mobile real estate must have every real estate agent


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