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flash audio player software

Oven Fresh Audio Player Maker by Oven Fresh Web Design

Make a Flash Audio Player and Preview it with Background Colors or Images as You Work. Select a Flash audio controller then add your Mp3 audio and the Audio Player Code is generated for you. Just copy and paste the code into your webpage. 19 Flash audio controllers and Free audio recording software are included. Best of all, no additional fees or costs.

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pst software

Pst2mail by Shareware Hangvogel

Program to retrieve or find email addresses from an unprotected Microsoft Outlook archive or pst file, optionally using filter settings. Adresses will be collected in an output file. For instance a good help for employers, managers, supervisors or system controllers wanting to check what external contacts the employees have. It looks for the "from" and "to" fields in the selected pst file and returns the according email addresses.

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relay software

NCD Device Development Lib by National Control Devices

NCD Devices Development Lib supply powerful ActiveX for all NCD devices. NCD relay controllers allow computer controlled switching from the RS232 serial port of a microcontroller or computer. NCD video switchers allow computer controlled multiplexing of audio or vide signals from the RS232 serial port of your computer.

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com-port software

Com by Novarm

Transfer data to COM-port (RS-232) and read data from it. Convenient data view and edit (Hex, Dec, Binary). Two data editors (table and text). Reading data from file and saving to file. Good for testing any external device and transfer programs to controllers using COM-port.

com-port com port data transfer binary hex asm read write controller rs-232 file byte editor work com port

iox software


IPCOMServer is a Telnet server that runs on the Windows 95,98 and ME platforms. It provides the user with a direct connection between a Telnet client and a given serial port (COM1..X). Typical applications include remote access of PABX systems, remote control of micro controllers and remote modem configuration. Static connections can also be made from the serial port to a given hosts IP address.

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 game profiler software

Total System Control by Digital Transforms

Control your games & applications with any game pad or joystick. The ultimate game profiler. Don't let clunky profiling software keep you from dominating your favorite games! Works with any DirectX compatible game pad or joystick (virtually all of them). Works with Sony Playstation and Playstation2 controllers when connected through a PC adapter. Works great as a DVD remote control.

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enumerate network computers software

FreeNetEnumerator by Nsasoft LLC.

FreeNetEnumerator is a tool to enumerate computers in a domain. Depending on enumeration parameters the tool can work in different ways. It can enumerate all computers ( if All Computers is selected ), all SQL servers only (if Microsoft SQL Servers is selected ), all primary domain controllers only ( if Primary domain controllers is selected ) , backup domain controllers only, primary domains only,etc.

enumerate network computers network tool network software net tools network utilities network security computer security enterprise security information security internet security security software

inactive users software

Inactive Users for Active Directory by Absolute Dynamics

Identify, move and disable inactive users in your Active Directory Domain. All domain controllers are scanned for the lastLogon data, so you you can be sure the days of inactivity are accurate. Users that have never logged on are also indentified. Flexible search filters allow you search by name and/or container. Easy to automate using command line parameters.

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dj software

FutureDecks Pro by XYLIO INFO SRL

Looking for a smart and very powerfull DJ software? Meet FutureDecks PRO - professional DJ mixing software Features: automatic/manual mixing, one-click beat-matching, seamless intelligent looping, automatic/manual BPM counter, keylock (mastertempo), VST/AU effects, eqs, filters, sampler, vinyl emulation: scratch, pitch, reverse play, brake; separate headphones output, pre-listening, external controllers and MIDI -video mixing

dj mix software professional bpm mp3 pro mixing beat effects vst record midi controller audio player

usbtrace software

USBTrace by SysNucleus

USBTrace is an easy to use and powerful software protocol analyzer for the USB bus and the devices connected to it. USBTrace can monitor USB transactions happening at USB host controllers, hubs and devices. USBTrace is a 100% software product. Especially suited for inspecting host side USB protocol. USBTrace supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server & Windows Vista operating systems.

usbtrace usb monitor usb analyzer usb analyser usb protocol analyzer usb bus analyzer usb sniffer


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